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+jquery.mentionsInput is a small, but awesome UI component that allows you to "@mention" someone in a text message, just like you are used to on Facebook or Twitter.
+This project is written by [Kenneth Auchenberg](, and started as an internal project at [Podio](, but has then been open sourced to give it a life in the community.
+## This project is currently unmaintained (Feb. 13 2013)
+The newest work can be found in the 1.5-branch, but I haven't had the time to complete it.
+I anyone is up for improving mentionsInput, then let me know, and we figure something out.
+## Introduction
To get started -- checkout
+## Roadmap
+- Fix open issues.
+- Seperate mentionsInput from jQuery, and expose as AMD/CJS module.
+- Package component up for bower and components.
+- Seperate autocompleter, so it's possible to use bootstrap, jquery, etc-autocompleters
+- Define better interface to call methods.
+- Add the option to have a hidden-input that contains the syntaxed-version, so it's easier to use out of the box.
+- Add unit tests!

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