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jquery.mentionsInput is a small, but awesome UI component that allows you to "@mention" someone in a text message, just like you are used to on Facebook or Twitter.

This project is written by Kenneth Auchenberg, and started as an internal project at Podio, but has then been open sourced to give it a life in the community.


To get started -- checkout

Latest release

1.6.0 (2015-Jan-7) --

Bugs and Enhancements (next version)

  • Fix #74 Mention on ordinary input field not textarea
  • Fix #26 Capital letter as trigger character
  • Fix #59 Unicode characters support
  • Fix #104 When same text which is to be mentioned already in the content
  • Fix #100 New option for conserve triggerChar in output


MIT License -


jquery.mentionsInput is written as a jQuery extension, so it naturally requires jQuery (1.6+). In addition to jQuery, it also depends on underscore.js (1.2+), which is used to simplify stuff a bit.

The component is also using the new HTML5 "input" event. This means older browsers like IE8 need a polyfill which emulates the event (it is bundled).

The component itself is implemented as a small independent function, so it can easily be ported to frameworks other than jQuery.

Furthermore all utility functions have been centralized in the utils-object, which can be replaced with references if you already got functions like htmlEncode, etc.

To make the component grow and shrink to fit it’s content, you can include jquery.elastic.js

Browser support

jquery.mentionsInput has been tested in Firefox 6+, Chrome 15+, and Internet Explorer 8+.

Please let us know if you see anything weird. And no, we will no make it work for older browsers. Period.

Reporting issues

Please provide jsFiddle when creating issues!

It's really saves much time.

Your feedback is very appreciated!


  • Fix open issues.
  • Seperate mentionsInput from jQuery, and expose as AMD/CJS module.
  • Seperate autocompleter, so it's possible to use bootstrap, jquery, etc-autocompleters
  • Define better interface to call methods.
  • Add the option to have a hidden-input that contains the syntaxed-version, so it's easier to use out of the box.
  • Add unit tests!
  • Add mobile support