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Team Lead: Tim White (

Lead Developer: Brant Steen (

Team Lead Emeritus: Chris Miller (

Podiobooks has merged into!

Head over to to get your favorite audiobooks!


This software is licensed under a GPL v3.0 license. Please visit for a full reading of the license. A full copy has also been included in this package, in LICENSE.txt.


The purpose of the Podiobooks project is to create a platform for distributing serialized audiobooks.

Required Packages

The project has been set up to use pip and virtualenv, so you can find an list of all dependencies in the podiobooks/requirements.txt file.

You can choose to install that list of dependencies directly in your Python installation, or using virtualenv.

For development use, a requirements_dev.txt exists to pull in additional packages useful for testing and debugging.

In the devscripts/virtualenv folder are a series of scripts that will be useful in setting up your local development environment with virtualenv, which creates an isolated Python environment just for this project.

A warning that getting the "PIL" imaging library to install correctly using any method is tricky. Django is now using the "Pillow" library, so downloading that as a separate installer is a good idea.