Podlove Web Player is a Podcast-optimized, HTML5-based audio player based on VueJS.
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Podlove Web Player

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HTML5 Goodness for Podcasting

Podlove Web Player is a Podcast-optimized, HTML5-based video and audio player. It can be used as a WordPress plugin or within a static HTML/JavaScript context.

The Podlove Web Player supports almost every modern browser and also does captions, chapters and much more. Thanks to Howler.js for providing the foundation.

Used Technologies



Clone the repository and install all dependencies with yarn

Local Development

  1. Run yarn dev
  2. Access http://localhost:8080/standalone.html for development


  1. Run yarn test for test suite
  2. or yarn test:dev for interactive mode


  1. Run yarn build
  2. Locate build artefacts in dist/

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If you're interested in discussing podcasting topics in general, please visit sendegate.de.

Podlove Docs

Report an issue

If you encounter a specific problem using the Podlove Web Player that you think is a bug, or you see a problem in the documentation, you can report the issue here:

Also, if you have ideas for new features for player, please submit them as a Github issue.

Have a look on the Github project to watch the status and progress of your issues:




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