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* FlashProgrammer_ARM.h
* Created on: 22 Mar 2015
* Author: podonoghue
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include "FlashProgrammerCommon.h"
class FlashProgrammer_ARM : public FlashProgrammerCommon {
virtual ~FlashProgrammer_ARM();
//! Describes the flash programming code (created from loaded flash routines)
struct TargetProgramInfo {
uint32_t entry; //!< Address of entry routine (for currently loaded routine)
uint32_t headerAddress; //!< Address where to load data image (including header)
uint32_t dataOffset; //!< Offset to data buffer within image
uint32_t maxDataSize; //!< Maximum data buffer size
uint32_t capabilities; //!< Capabilities of routine
uint16_t calibFrequency; //!< Frequency (kHz) used for calibFactor
uint32_t calibFactor; //!< Calibration factor for speed determination
bool smallProgram; //!< Indicates small version of flash code being used
bool usePagedAddresses; //!< Set up paged addressing information
//! Information for the flash operation to be done
struct FlashOperationInfo {
uint8_t operation; //!< Controls actions of routine
uint32_t controller; //!< Address of flash controller
uint32_t pageAddress; //!< Address of PPAGE or EPAGE register
uint32_t flashAddress; //!< Memory flashAddress being programmed/erased (may include pageNo etc)
uint32_t dataSize; //!< Size of data to program/verify
uint16_t sectorSize; //!< Sector size
uint32_t targetBusFrequency; //!< Measured target bus frequency (kHz)
uint32_t alignment; //!< Flash programming alignment (1,2,4,8,16,32 bytes)
uint32_t flexNVMPartition; //!< Value for partitioning FlexNVM
// Error codes return from the flash driver
enum FlashDriverError_t {
FLASH_ERR_OK = (0), //!< No error
FLASH_ERR_LOCKED = (1), //!< Flash is still locked
FLASH_ERR_ILLEGAL_PARAMS = (2), //!< Parameters illegal
FLASH_ERR_PROG_FAILED = (3), //!< STM - Programming operation failed - general
FLASH_ERR_PROG_WPROT = (4), //!< STM - Programming operation failed - write protected
FLASH_ERR_VERIFY_FAILED = (5), //!< Verify failed
FLASH_ERR_ERASE_FAILED = (6), //!< Erase or Blank Check failed
FLASH_ERR_TRAP = (7), //!< Program trapped (illegal instruction/location etc.)
FLASH_ERR_PROG_ACCERR = (8), //!< Kinetis/CFVx - Programming operation failed - ACCERR
FLASH_ERR_PROG_FPVIOL = (9), //!< Kinetis/CFVx - Programming operation failed - FPVIOL
FLASH_ERR_PROG_MGSTAT0 = (10), //!< Kinetis - Programming operation failed - MGSTAT0
FLASH_ERR_CLKDIV = (11), //!< CFVx - Clock divider not set
FLASH_ERR_ILLEGAL_SECURITY = (12), //!< Kinetis - Illegal value for security location
FLASH_ERR_UNKNOWN = (13), //!< Unspecified error
FLASH_ERR_TIMEOUT = (14), //!< Timeout waiting for completion
enum AddressModifiers {
ADDRESS_DATA = 1UL<<31, //!< DATA (X:) memory (DSC)
ADDRESS_LINEAR = 1UL<<31, //!< Linear address (HCS12)
ADDRESS_A23 = 1UL<<23, //!< A23 bit for Flex/DataFlash on ARM/CFV1+
//! Structure for MCGCG parameters
struct MK_MCG_ClockParameters_t {
uint8_t mcgC1;
uint8_t mcgC2;
uint8_t mcgC3;
uint8_t mcgTrim;
uint8_t mcgSC;
uint8_t mcgCT;
} ;
union ClockParameters {
MK_MCG_ClockParameters_t mcg;
} ;
bool flashReady; //!< Safety check - only TRUE when flash is ready for programming
bool initTargetDone; //!< Indicates initTarget() has been done.
TargetProgramInfo targetProgramInfo; //!< Describes loaded flash code
FlashOperationInfo flashOperationInfo; //!< Describes flash operation
FlashOperation currentFlashOperation; //!< Current operation loaded
uint32_t currentFlashAlignment; //!< Alignment applicable to flash operation
bool doRamWrites; //!< Write RAM region of image to target (after programming)
bool securityNeedsSelectiveErase; //!< Indicates security area needs to be selectively erased
MemoryRegionConstPtr flashMemoryRegionPtr;
USBDM_ErrorCode initialiseTargetFlash();
USBDM_ErrorCode initialiseTarget();
USBDM_ErrorCode setFlashSecurity(FlashImagePtr flashImage, MemoryRegionConstPtr flashRegion);
USBDM_ErrorCode setFlashSecurity(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode setFlashChecksum(FlashImagePtr flashImage, MemoryRegionConstPtr flashRegion);
USBDM_ErrorCode setFlashChecksum(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode trimTargetClock(uint32_t trimAddress, unsigned long targetBusFrequency, uint16_t *returnTrimValue,
unsigned long *measuredBusFrequency, int do9BitTrim) {
UsbdmSystem::Log::error("Clock trimming not supported\n");
USBDM_ErrorCode trimMCG_Clock(MK_MCG_ClockParameters_t *clockParameters);
USBDM_ErrorCode configureMCG_Clock(unsigned long *busFrequency, MK_MCG_ClockParameters_t *clockParameters);
USBDM_ErrorCode configureTargetClock(unsigned long *busFrequency) {
UsbdmSystem::Log::error("Clock configuration not supported\n");
USBDM_ErrorCode configureExternal_Clock(unsigned long *busFrequency) {
UsbdmSystem::Log::error("Clock configuration not supported\n");
USBDM_ErrorCode eraseFlash(void);
USBDM_ErrorCode convertTargetErrorCode(FlashDriverError_t rc);
USBDM_ErrorCode initSmallTargetBuffer(uint8_t *buffer);
USBDM_ErrorCode initLargeTargetBuffer(uint8_t *buffer);
USBDM_ErrorCode executeTargetProgram(uint8_t *buffer=0, uint32_t size=0);
USBDM_ErrorCode determineTargetSpeed(void);
USBDM_ErrorCode doFlashBlock(FlashImagePtr flashImage, unsigned int blockSize, uint32_t &flashAddress, FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode selectiveEraseFlashSecurity(void);
USBDM_ErrorCode doTargetVerify(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode doReadbackVerify(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode applyFlashOperation(FlashImagePtr flashImage, FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode doVerify(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode doSelectiveErase(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode doProgram(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode doBlankCheck(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode doWriteRam(FlashImagePtr flashImage);
USBDM_ErrorCode loadTargetProgram(FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode loadTargetProgram(MemoryRegionConstPtr memoryRegionPtr, FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode loadTargetProgram(FlashProgramConstPtr flashProgram, FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode loadSmallTargetProgram(uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t loadAddress, uint32_t size,
FlashProgramConstPtr flashProgram, FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode loadLargeTargetProgram(uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t loadAddress, uint32_t size,
FlashProgramConstPtr flashProgram, FlashOperation flashOperation);
USBDM_ErrorCode dummyTrimLocations(FlashImagePtr flashImage) {
UsbdmSystem::Log::error("Clock trimming not supported\n");
USBDM_ErrorCode partitionFlexNVM(void);
static const char *getProgramActionNames(unsigned int actions);
static const char *getProgramCapabilityNames(unsigned int actions);
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode checkTargetUnSecured();
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode massEraseTarget(bool resetTarget);
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode programFlash(FlashImagePtr flashImage, CallBackT progressCallBack=0, bool doRamWrites=false);
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode verifyFlash(FlashImagePtr flashImage, CallBackT progressCallBack=0);
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode readTargetChipId(uint32_t *targetSDID, bool doinit=false);
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode confirmSDID(void);
virtual USBDM_ErrorCode resetAndConnectTarget(void);