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Integration of Beaver Themer and Pods


Short Introduction Video for Pods & Beaver Themer from a User to give you an Idea

Watch the video

Big Thank you to @Jonathan!


Check out for our User Guide, Forums, and other resources to help you develop with Pods. Please report bugs or request featured on GitHub

Generally you can use the shortcode [pods field='your_field'] anywhere ( every text/url/html field ) it's basically the same as with [wpbb ...] Things like[pods field='your_field._img.thumbnail'] work fine see for more options! Or to pull in a Template: [pods name="your_pod" template="your_template"]


Join the Pods Slack and look for the channel #beaver-themer You will be automatically added to some channels. Please take a look at other channels too.

Field connectors for photo and multiple-photo:

  • Select dropdown only list's matching Fields (it lists all "Media" fields)
  • Choose Size
  • Set default image

Field connectors for url, html, string:

  • select dropdown populated with all existing fields for PODS - field_name ( Custom Post Type )
  • currently uses just plain pods()->display();
  • images fields are only output as url for magic tag style use advanced ...
  • fields with multiple relations (pick_field) still need some ideas / use cases best to go and use Templates for it!

Help / Feedback Welcome - Thank You!!!

  • Bernhard Gronau (Quasel)