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Watermarked pod leaf floating over clickable elements #122

calvingilbert opened this Issue · 7 comments

3 participants


Where: "manage fields" page (admin.php?page=pods&action=edit)

Problem: The watermark in the lower right sits beneath the "advanced" box correctly, but floats above the "fields" area at the top blocking some clickable elements.

Could be a quick fix with the CSS z-index property.

OS: Windows 7
Browser: Firefox 11.0

Pods: 2.0.0 Alpha 11
WordPress: 3.4-beta3-20603
PHP 5.2
MySQL: 5.0


Can you post screenshot?

@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark was assigned

What size approximately was your window? Could you maybe do a screenshot with some of your window chrome like the scrollbars?


Thanks, that's exactly what I needed. Will get to fixing the CSS in WP 3.4, looks like it doesn't happen on my WP 3.3 test environment.


Just confirmed it's happening for me too. Looks like they changed some of the CSS rules, I'll have to dig in and see what we're going to have to do there.

@mikedamage mikedamage was assigned

Fixed in Pods 2.0 Alpha 14

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