Pods 2.7 RC 1

@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark released this Sep 8, 2017 · 3 commits to release/2.7 since this release


Pods 2.7 RC1


Pods 2.6.10 - July 14th 2017

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 9 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.10 - July 14th 2017 =

  • Fixed: Pods Templates were creating erroneous output with nested [if _fieldname_][else][/if] and [each _fieldname_][/each] template tags inside HTML entities after 2.6.9 upgrade. This fix bypasses do_shortcode and also bypasses do_shortcodes_in_html_tags which was the problem with this particular fix. Fixes (#4324,#4307,#4307). (#4335). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Multi-file fields save was causing array to string conversion warning. New function & helper added called array_filter_walker for backwards compatibility. Also fixes the 'editable' titles in Multiple File Upload. Fixes (#4112,#4313). (#4314). [@mgratch,@JoryHogeveen,@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Pods Templates & Page Capabilities have been added to the Members Cap Filter and Pods Role Manager from Components, Roles & Capabilities. This corrects an issue where Pods Templates and Pods Pages were not available to Admins, only Network Admins. Admins will still need to have the pods_templates_ and pods_pages_ capabilities added to their role, but now they'll be able to do this without additional code. Fixes (#4311). (#4342). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Corrected 2.x branch for GitHub Feed. Fixes (#4305). (#4306). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Minor Spelling fixes related to i18n. (#4276) [@garrett-eclipse]
  • Updated: Removed CodeClimate Integration (#4275) and updated glob 7.1 (#4242). [@Ramoonus]


Pods 2.6.9 - May 30th 2017

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 43 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.9 - May 30th 2017 =

  • Added: Pods Template Component is now automatically active on initial installation or reinstallation of Pods. Fixes (#3446). (#4060,#4180). [@pglewis,@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Auto Template Fix: Add configurations setting to override and allow Auto Templates to run against the_content outside of the WordPress_Loop. By default now, it will only run inside the WP Loop. (#4088). [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Allow raw value in PodsUI rows. New type "raw" that can output HTML form elements; used in i18n component. Fixes (#3959). (#3960). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Template Reference in Template Editor now properly displays without running out of memory. Fixes (#3370,#3992). (#4088,#4000). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: post_author querying now works through traversal of related post type. Fixes (#3931). (#3953,#4065). [@sc0ttkclark,@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Search the proper SQL column with "search" and meta based CPT. Fixes (#3858). (#4007). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Ensure call to pods_view returns shortcode generated content, instead of echo'ing. Fixes (#3433). (#4010) [@dom111]
  • Fixed: Additional CSS Classes were not saved (#4003) so new Duplicating Pod now gives preference to existing field options values on duplication (#4028). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: duplicate_pod_item now works for WP objects. Fixes (#3238,#4025). (#4070). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Hidden field did not save Default Values on fields with both Visibility hidden and a Default Value set. Fixes (#3996). (#4061). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Use register_taxonomy_for_object_type for post types that support post formats. Was not originally being registered for Pods CPT. Fixes (#2165). (#4076,#4084). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Help Text for HTML fields wpautop reference. Fixes (#4090,#4091). (#4089). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Corrected Pods overriding preview link for post updated messages. Fixes (#4092). (#4093). [@tuanmh]
  • Fixed: When using shortcodes/magic tags with PDF attachments, ._src returns an image since WP 4.7. This will now output the URL of the file. You can still get PDF generated images using ._src.image_size or ._img. Fixes (#4040). (#4111). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Audio attachments will now work properly with pods_attachment_import. (#4155) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Handling of Single & Double Quotes in post_thumbnail interpolation. Fixes (#4166). (#4167). [@quasel]
  • Fixed: Adding back_link to wp_die() usage which allows Modal Add/Edit to give you a way to go back in the edit screen. Fixes (#4168). (#4169). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Conflict with The Event Calendar issue with Handlebars (as we're using an older implementation). Temporary hack until 2.7 with the correct fix. (#4173). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Missing images in unit test (#4177). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Invalid AJAX error with frontend forms and Settings Pods; $id will always return for AJAX requests. Fixes (#4181). (#4184). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Allow float values for menu positions and the option to remove trailing decimals from number field. Fixes issue where Pods Converted menu positions with decimals to INT on save. Fixes (#2839). (#4192). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Composer: composer installers v1.2 to v1.3. (#4239) [@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Editable Titles in Multiple File Upload fields are 'editable' again (broke in 2.6.8) without breaking bidirectional relationship saving. Fixes (#4112) and resolves (#3477,#3720). (#4264). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Spelling error in UI. Fixes (#4266). (#4267). [@danmaby]
  • Updated: Brand assets for Pods (icons and banners) for WordPress Plugin Directory. Fixes (#3948). (#4268) [@jimtrue]


Pods 2.6.8 - January 17th 2017

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 143 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.8 - January 17th 2017 =

  • Added: WP Gallery display options for image fields. Fixes (#3905). (#3910). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Add action after successful AJAX in admin_ajax. This allows other scripts to hook in the ajax handlers from Pods. Fixes (#3839). (#3840). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Keep Plupload instances in windows.pods_uploader[id]. This makes it possible to bind event listeners to the file uploader. Fixes (#3763). (#3768). [@thirdender]
  • Added: New singular capabilities for Taxonomies for Compatibility with WP 4.7. Fixes (#3896). (#3946). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Enhance Currency Field storage. Fixes Adds new format as arrays for multiple values (label, name, sign) and decimal handling options. Fixes(#1915,#3453). (#3949). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Number/Currency format validation error with French formatting. Fixes (#3842). (#3950). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Additional save_user/save_post handling problems corrected and addition of Unit Tests. Fixes (#3918,#3801). (#3945). [sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Double qtip/tooltip when using single checkboxes (boolean type). Fixes (#3940). (#3943) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Undefined Index Notice in (#3936). (#3941). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Properly clear cache before running post-save actions in PodsAPI::save_pod_item. Prevents double saves being necessary to use the pods_api_post_save_pod_item filters to update WordPress Object fields. Fixes (#3917). (#3938). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Revamp pods_error to handle multiple modes, PodsMeta now returns false instead of die/exception. Fixes (#3930). (#3937). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Update save_post / save_user handling with better fallbacks when nonce not active. Fixes an issue where the $is_new_item was not set as expected on post saves and user saves. Fixes (#3801,#3918). (#3936). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Add pods_ui_get_find_params filter for PodsUI to extend default find(). Fixes (#3925). (#3926). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Compatibility additions for WP 4.7, Taxonomy Class (#3895,#3894)
  • Fixed: Proper reset of the local var cache in Pods::$row when using add_to/remove_from/save. Fixes (#3784). (#3923). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: get_meta() $single usage to ensure it's always a boolean. Fixes (#3742). (#3921). [@sc0ttkclark,@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Multiple Travis and Unit Test fixes and build functions. (#3942,#3913,#3911,#3907,#3903,#3888,#3887,#3886,#3885,#3883,#3882,#3881,#3880,#3869,#3868,#3819,#3770,#3750,#3745,#3743) [@Ramoonus,@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Removing a Bad Init Call generated by a fix to correct plupload file field listings. Fixes (#3900,#3731). (#3901). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Pass audio_args to the Audio Shortcode, src wasn't being passed when multiple audio files were on the same page using the same shortcode. Fixes (#3891). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Corrected non-printable character added after $api->cache_flush_pods() to settings-tools.php. Fixes (#3876). [@szepeviktor]
  • Fixed: opcache names and add OPcache. Fixes (#3864). (#3875). [@szepeviktor]
  • Fixed: Make sure self::$field_data is set in all cases. Corrects issue where relationship to predefined list was not working in AutoComplete/Select2 fields. Fixes (#3862). (#3863). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Unchecking Show in Menu in the Admin UI selection for Custom Taxonomies will now properly not show the Taxonomy. show_in_menu option for for Taxonomies. Fixes (#3848). (#3852). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Make field type labels translatable. Fixes (#3849). (#3850). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Store the old field name in meta. Pods already stored the old 'pod' name, but didn't do the same for fields after updating. Added for (#3841). (#3842). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Fix error with PODS_LIGHT and components. Fixes (#2301,#3811,#2293). (#3837). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Update the attachment parent if updating a post type. Only updates if the parent isn't set but allows file fields/upload fields to now properly show parent post. Fixes (#3808). (#3834). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: CSS fixes (remove old images + linter), fixing issues with gradient button not in WP Core. Fixes (#3812). (#3833). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Improve CSS for Code Field (CodeMirror). Fixes (#3818). (#3832). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Set Start of Week Day from General Settings; fixes issue where Calendar of datetime field in admin UI didn't follow the first day of week settings from Setting, General. Fixes (#3826). (#3831). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: PHP7 Compatibility issues, a few deprecated constructors and deprecated mysql_ with the use of $wpdb. Fixes (#3828). (#3830). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Update postmeta cache before get_post_meta calls when bypassing cache, ensuring the meta is "fresh". (#3807). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: When preloading config after flushing cache, bypass cache. solves the issue when running multisite and you’ve got an object cache drop-in that won’t flush cache for multisite when wp_cache_flush is called. (#3806). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Fix error exporting taxonomy relationship over REST API. Fixes (#3606). (#3794). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Use taxonomy capabilities in custom locations for taxonomy edit pages. Fixes an issue where Taxonomies assigned as Top Level Menu Items are not usable by Editors (only by Administrators). Fixes (#3569). (#3780). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Correcting a bug in adding Taxonomy REST support. Fixes (#3777). (#3778). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Clear $related_item_cache when saving a relationship. Fixes an issue where the $PodsAPI::save_relationships was not clearing the cache. Fixes (#3775). (#3776). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: jQuery fix to change from deprecated .live() to .on(). Fixes (#3771). (#3772). [@mikeschinkel]
  • Fixed: Basic included post types from WP-API are no longer having their REST base overridden by Pods. Fixes (#3759). (#3760). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Fix SQL for multilingual taxonomies for compatibility with PolyLang. Fixes (#3728). (#3754). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Fix plupload file field listings, specifically fixing some issues in the CSS and jQuery. Fixes (#3731). (#3732). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Removed max-length for default field value for Text & WYSIWYG fields. Fixes (#3729). (#3730). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Updated URL for translation contributions. Fixes (#3725). (#3726). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Validate field option dependencies based on location within tabs. Corrects and issue with compatibility between Pods SEO. Fixes (#3707). (#3723). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Properly update bidirectional taggable relations. Corrects the issue where bidirectional relationships were creating new entries from the taggable choice in AutoComplete fields, but not saving the relationship. Fixes (#3477). (#3720). [@caleb]
  • Fixed: Allow the entry of negative numbers in Currency fields. Fixes (#3708). (#3709). [@pcfreak30]


Pods 2.6.7 - August 15th 2016

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 385 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.7 - August 15th 2016 =


Pods 2.6.6 - June 23rd 2016

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 445 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.6 - June 23rd 2016 =

  • Added: Polylang compatibility with latest versions along with fixes to longstanding issues with editing and displaying content, relationships, and taxonomy (#3574). Fixes (#3572, #3506) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: REST API v2 Compatibility (#3584). Switches register_api_field to register_rest_field. Fixes (#3581) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Allow changing the Auto Templates Filter. This adds a new section in the Auto Templates tab that allows overriding the default the_content filter (#3542). Fixes (#3540) [@Shelob9]
  • Added: Polylang support to pods_v post_id (#3562). Allows Pods templates that are translated to be properly selected. Fixes (#3561,#3537) [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Create new 'post_id' method for pods_v (#3537). Provides a method to allow i18n plugins to return a different post id. Related to (#3542,#3526) [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Add filter to PodsMeta->groups_get() allowing adjusting the groups via filter (#3548). Related to (#3547) [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Use form_counter in field name to be unique and prevent conflicts. (#3535) Fixes (#3533) [@pcfreak30]
  • Added: Add user, media and comment support to REST API (#3516). Related to (#3418,#3419) [@pcfreak30]
  • Added: Filter the Pods Metas to Display (#3544). Fixes (#3520). [@coding-panda]
  • Fixed: REST API cleanup for pick field handling. (#3560) Fixes (#3559) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Exclude Unique Post fields from duplication during $pods->save. (#3564). Includes ID, post_name, post_date, post_date_gmt, post_modified, post_modified_gmt and guid. Fixes (#3563) [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Allow midnight (00:00) as valid time (#3555). If "Allow empty value" is unchecked and a value is not passed it will default to the current time, but it will still accept 00:00:00 as a valid value. Related to (#3488) [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Pass $strict = false to load_pod (#3554). This will keep the "Pod not found" message from being displayed during register of other post types. Related to (#3416) [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Don't add space to currency names that use HTML encoding (#3553). Fixes British pound currency symbols and others. Resolves (#3498) [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Removed extra setting showing up in Auto Templates settings for Taxonomies (#3543). Fixes (#3541) [@Shelob9]
  • Fixed: Use html_entity_decode to convert separator as it is an html entity. (#3536) Fixes (#3527) [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: PodsRESTHandlers::write_handler needs to be static (#3511). Fixes (#3510) [@pcfreak30]


Pods - May 14th 2016

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 548 commits to 2.x since this release

= - May 4th 2016 =


Pods - May 14th 2016

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 561 commits to 2.x since this release

= - May 4th, 2016 =

  • Fixed: Additional Field Options tab disappears from field admin view. Fixes (#3501). [@sc0ttkclark]


Pods 2.6.5 - May 3rd 2016

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 569 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.5 - May 3rd, 2016 =

  • Fixed: Renaming of Pods with underscores to hyphenated names that was introduced in 2.6.3. Hyphenated Pods names will remain hyphenated and Underscored Pods names will remain underscored. Fixes (#3499). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Support for new Polylang Versions with much kudos to @JoryHogeveen for tackling this (#3491). Fixes (#3490,#3223) [@JoryHogeveen]


Pods 2.6.4 - April 25th 2016

@jimtrue jimtrue released this Sep 6, 2017 · 588 commits to 2.x since this release

= 2.6.4 - April 25th, 2016 =

  • Fixed: Modified Run activation/install priority to fire before plugins loaded. Fix for the Clearing Pods Cache automatically after Pods Upgrade (#3487). Fixes (#2558,#3348) [@sc0ttkclark]