Switching between release and dev branches

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You can download the latest development release from:


  • WP Admin -> Plugins, deactivate Pods
  • WP Admin -> Plugins, delete Pods
  • Copy the dev version into your plugin folder via FTP (or add the Pods plugin the normal way to return to the release branch)
  • Activate Pods
  • Go to Pods Admin -> Settings and click the button “Clear Pods 2.0 cache”

You can use the same steps, except re-install from WP.org the normal way to return to the stable release version if needed.

For those doing regular testing or who need to update from the dev branch frequently: with 2.0.4 or later, the following defines can be placed in wp-config.php (before the "That's all, stop editing!" comment) to activate the GitHub updater:

define( 'PODS_GITHUB_UPDATE', true );
define( 'PODS_GITHUB_BRANCH', '2.x' );

You can then go to Pods Admin -> Settings and use the "Force Plugin Refresh/Update from GitHub" button to update directly from the GitHub development release. You can remove or comment those lines out, and follow the steps at the top to return to the release branch.