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Translations are greatly appreciated! If you would like to help translate Podverse, please visit our Weblate page.

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Podverse is a FOSS podcast manager for iOS, Android, F-Droid, and web that supports Podcasting 2.0 and value for value features.

Features of this web app include:

  • subscribe to podcasts
  • audio playback
  • video playback
  • livestream playback
  • boosts
  • chapters
  • cross-app comments
  • transcripts
  • create and share clips
  • create and share playlists
  • create a listener profile
  • subscribe to listener profiles
  • screen-reader accessibility

Getting started

If you are looking to run this app or contribute to Podverse for the first time, please read the sections that are relevant for you in our file in the podverse-ops repo. Among other things, that file contains instructions for running a local instance of the Podverse database.

How to run the app locally

To run Podverse web locally:

  1. have node >= 16 installed
  2. create a .env file
  3. install node modules
  4. run the app
  5. open localhost:3000 in your browser

To create a .env file, copy the .env.local-prod-data.example file in this directory, and rename it to .env. The default values in this file will set the web app to load prod data from <>. You can change it later to use a local database as described in the

To install the node modules, run:

npm install

Then, to run the app:

npm run dev

Then open a web browser and go to http://localhost:3000.

Git History

Ignore linter-only commits rules in Git history

If you'd like to ignore noisy linter-only commits in your Git history, we have a .git-blame-ignore-revs file that can filter out problematic commits that were the result of ONLY doing lint fixes. Your local machine can be configured to use that file as a list of commits that should be ignored while doing blames and showing inline file history.

This can be configured by running:

git config --global blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs

Which was taken from


We can be reached in our Matrix space (preferred), Discord channel, or by emailing