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Continuous Bench

A small node.js application for benchmarking projects in a continuous manner. Works with any project! all you need is a Makefile :)



Install dependencies:

$ npm install -d

Start the app:

$ node app
Express server listening on port 3000 in development mode

Start Kue to process the jobs:

$ node jobs
Kue listening on port 8888

Benchmark against a specific commit:

$ curl -d 'commit=HEAD' http://local/visionmedia/express/benchmark

View the reports by visiting http://localhost:3000/visionmedia/express, where you may manually enter commits as well.

Benchmarking projects

Setting up a project to use CB is simple, all you need is a make benchmark target, outputting colon-delimited results. The labels on the left-hand side are used for display in reporting, and the values on the right represent ops/s or whatever you wish.

Below is an example from the Jade template engine using this script:

$ make benchmark
tiny: 197874
small: 29173
small locals: 20983

Below is an example from Express using this HTTP benchmark script:

$ make benchmark
Hello World: 6180.57
JSON: 6120.90
Middleware: 6703.47

Keep in mind that the label/values are completely arbitrary, you may have any number of these.