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Readme                      Ripcord: Easy XML-RPC Client and Server for PHP 5

Ripcord is a very easy to use XML-RPC library for PHP. It provides client, 
server and auto documentation features for XML-RPC but also SimpleRPC and
simplified SOAP (1.1). It uses PHP's xmlrpc library and it needs at least PHP 5.

To create a simple xmlrpc client do something like this:

    $client = ripcord::xmlrpcClient( '' );
    $score  = $client->film->getScore( 'e3dee9d19a8c3af7c92f9067d2945b59', 500 );

See the RipcordClientManual 
<> for more information.

To create a simple xmlrpc server do something like this:

    class myTest {
        public function Foo() {
            return 'Bar';
    $test = new MyTest();
    $server = ripcord::server( $test );

See the RipcordServerManual 
<> for more information.

Extending Ripcord

Ripcord is also very simple to extend. All functionality can be changed
through dependency injection. The client by default uses the PHP Streams API
to connect to a server, but can simply be reconfigured to use CURL. You
can provide your own configuration or even a completely new transport method
by simply injecting a new transport object into the client.

Any server created with Ripcord is auto documenting by default. Simply browse
to the URL of your RPC server and you will see a list of all methods including
any inline documentation for that method, if you use docblock style comments, e.g.:

 * This will show up with your method description.
function yourMethod() {

The auto documentor is again easily extended to use your own styles or extensions
and you can simply inject a completely different documentor object into the server
if you want. Or skip it altogether.


The full API documentation is included in the docs/ directory.


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