A little cli for timing your times.
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If you are as forgetful as I, you know well that remembering what you've done all day is a major pain in the hiney. So in the spirit of industrious laziness, I wrote an app for that.

How it works

Rikki Tikki times you times, so you don't have to. It periodically pings your computers running processes, looking for the thin server. When it finds such a process, it makes a note of the directory it's running from, which happens to be the name of a git repository that maps to a project name. Handy! At the end of the day (or week, shhh), you can ask Rikki Tikki what you've been working on.

How to install it

  • Clone the repository located here: https://github.com/poeks/rikki_tikki
  • Rename the app.yml.sample and database.yml.sample files. Change the environment to match your own blah_dev.
  • Install the Gem bundle:

bundle install

  • Bootstrap the database:

bundle exec db:bootstrap RACK_ENV=your_env

  • Make sure your server-running command includes the directory of your project by including the -c flag, for example (from my .profile):

alias ru='bundle exec thin start -e jo_dev -p 4454 -R config.ru -c ${PWD}'

How to use it

  • Add an these aliases to your .profile (you don't have to, but it simplifies life, so hey):

export RACK_ENV=your_env

alias rikki_run='cd /path/to/rikki_tikki; /path/to/rikki_tikki/bin/rikki run'

alias rikki_show='cd /path/to/rikki_tikki; /path/to/rikki_tikki/bin/rikki show ${1}'

  • Every morning when you boot up your computer, keep this running in terminal…


  • When you'd like to know what you've been working on, just ask. Here are some examples:

rikki_show today

rikki_show yesterday

rikki_show 'last friday'

Et voila!