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A alarm clock/background daemon for advanced sleep
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== About UberClock ==

UberClock is a alarm clock that is designed for more advanced sleep.

 • It is a sleep phase clock
 • It can optimize powernaps and short sleeps

== Requirements ==
• python 2.5+
• python-sqlite (or some other django supported db)
• django 1.2
• django-piston

== Install ==

To install the database run:

  ./ installdb

Now you have a default user named "user" with password "user".

== Run ==
To run the daemon run:


== Architecture ==

UberClock contains of different components:

• uberclockd
  Is a daemon which is usally run to connect to the motition detectors and 
  provide data via http html/json/xml to the frontend.
  It can also start programs on events so no support from a already running 
  frontend (the actual alarm clock) is required as long as it can be 
  triggered somehow.
• html frontend. uberclockd has a built in webserver. 
• frontend (planned)
  a nice qt frontend, maybe alarm flip clock

== Supported Hardware ==

Motition Detectors:
• TI eZ430-Chronos with the OpenChronos Firmware
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