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* config.h
* number.c from GNU bc-1.06 exports some symbols without the bc_ prefix.
* This header file fixes this without touching either number.c or number.h
* (luckily, number.c already wants to include a config.h).
* Clients of number.c should include config.h before number.h.
#include <string.h>
#include <limits.h>
#define NDEBUG
#define _zero_ bc_zero
#define _one_ bc_one
#define _two_ bc_two
#define num2str bc_num2str
#define mul_base_digits bc_mul_base_digits
#define bc_rt_warn bc_error
#define bc_rt_error bc_error
#define bc_out_of_memory() bc_error(NULL)
void bc_error(const char *mesg);
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