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- add process affinity api (maybe better done with cgroups cpuset)
- use the lua bignumber interface to export the long long variables of the proc_t structure
to lua
- upstart plugin
- dbus interface
- interface for notification of rough processes, when processes or groups of them
where killed and why
- interface for user wishes pinning to different parameters (cli)
- rules rules rules ;-)
- optimize src/proc.
it is a fork of the libproc that could need some optimizations. currently we use
quite many read flags that do unnessery mallocs and reading of values that are
not used that much. running in the main loop only a minimal set should be used
and in case of new processes a full update should be run.
- use signals in xwatch to detect changes in sessions
- implement rtkit interface and combine it with cgroups. add filter for detecting
abusive rt processes.
- optionally drop priviliges
- maybe: using audit linux system to watch process creation/deletion auditctl or more interessting syscalls
- having a copy of libproc is very ugly, but currently it does not export enough symbols