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-WARNING: this program is under development and only suited for testing.
== What is ulatency ==
Ulatency is a daemon that controls how the Linux kernel will spend it's
@@ -10,13 +10,6 @@ TODO:
- interface for user wishes pinning to different parameters (cli)
- rules rules rules ;-)
-- often a process is spawned and dies quite quickly. if it is spawned from a already
- scheduled subprocess, the rules and scheduler code gets applied. this can cause
- quite a load on ulatencyd, when a lot of processes get spawned and die quickly.
- having an aging stack for new processes that have to exist for at least n ms
- before they get run through the pipe should decrease the load on the daemon. the
- processes will exist in the parent group as long as they are not run yet
- optimize src/proc.
it is a fork of the libproc that could need some optimizations. currently we use
quite many read flags that do unnessery mallocs and reading of values that are

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