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Update simple.d/sessions.conf (inactive_user.useless labels)

- update description
- add firefox and firefox.real next to firefox-bin - thanks Szpadel.
- do not inherit label for chrome
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1 parent 1d0a6e3 commit aff81def0db3a209b12e040263a56c079fcce37d @gajdusek gajdusek committed Feb 25, 2013
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  1. +10 −5 conf/simple.d/sessions.conf
@@ -1,15 +1,20 @@
-# processes useless if running by inactive user
-# sepcific to single-user-desktop scheduler mappings
-# If you switch the user, processes owned by inactive users and labelled with inactive_user.useless,
-#, user.ui,, user.idle, daemon.idle will be frozen immediately.
+# This file contains resource hungry processes that are useless if their session is inactive.
+# Specific to optional one-seat-desktop scheduler mappings.
+# If you switch the user, processes owned by inactive users and tagged with inactive_user.useless,
+#, user.ui,, user.idle and daemon.idle labels will be frozen immediately by
+# freezer controller (if enabled) and forced to release memory (memory.soft_limit_in_bytes = 1).
libreoffice inactive_user.useless inherit=1
liferea inactive_user.useless inherit=1
claws-mail inactive_user.useless inherit=1
+# Note you will need an external downloader if you want your downloads continue
+# after switching the user.
+firefox inactive_user.useless inherit=0
firefox-bin inactive_user.useless inherit=0
-chrome inactive_user.useless inherit=1
+firefox.real inactive_user.useless inherit=0
+chrome inactive_user.useless inherit=0
nm-applet inactive_user.useless inherit=1
parcellite inactive_user.useless inherit=1

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