systemd-loginctl support #43

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Most distros (Ubuntu seems to want to stick to upstart) are replacing consolekit with systemd-loginctl. consolekit's page says that it isn't actively maintained anymore and the focus has moved to systemd-loginctl. Arch has moved to systemd and removed consolekit from its repos, I presume this is why ulatencyd stopped recognizing active processes on my system (even with consolekit still installed and running, it stopped registering consolekit sessions)..


i'm working on this one now


Ubuntu has no option on choosing systemd and sysv.

@lucke321 seems to say that Ubuntu will follow Debian and move to systemd, and will support logind even without systemd. However much I like ulatencyd, I stopped using it, because in Arch I had to build kdebase-workspace-consolekit after every KDE update to have it recognize my active processes. poelzi, gajdusek: logind support seems crucial if ulatencyd is to work to its fullest in all major distros.

(I am glad to see that gajdusek resumed hacking on this project.)

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