In mb/ the port in socket.getaddrinfo must not be 0 on #135

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Title    In mb/ the port in socket.getaddrinfo must not be 0 on
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msg470 (view) Author: dagobert Date: 2014-01-23.17:31:06

In mb/ the resolution is done with

          for res in socket.getaddrinfo(s, 0):
              af, socktype, proto, canonname, sa = res

The 0 for the port leads to the exception

socket error msg: [Errno 9] service name not available for the specified socket


whereas None instead of 0 works. The error is only present when specifying a fqdn
and is not present when adding explicit ip numbers.

msg471 (view) Author: dagobert Date: 2014-01-23.17:34:30

The test was done on Solaris 10 Sparc with OpenCSW Python 2.7

msg472 (view) Author: poeml Date: 2014-01-23.21:40:36

Hm, None seems to be fine on Linux also

msg473 (view) Author: poeml Date: 2014-01-23.21:43:45

Fixed in trunk

Thanks, Dago!

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