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A fantasy console inspired by the Amiga computer
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It's a fantasy console (like pico-8 or tic-80) inspired by the Amiga!

It has graphic resolutions similar to the OCS Amigas, multitasking, multiple screens and windows etc.. It has 4 channel (8-bit?) stereo sound and eventually ability to mount web-servers as drives..

The software for it, will be based on Lua, which is a pretty simple and fast scripting language..

Once the console is somewhat complete, I plan on writing an "operating system" for it in Lua, which would resemble Workbench.. or you could even make your own, if you wanted..

Hopefully I would also get to make some decent tools, like text editor, music editor and paint program, so that you could make games or apps on the platform itself..!


  • Programming language: Lua (See API)
  • Screen resolutions: 320x180, 640x180, 320x360 or 640x360
  • Number of colors: 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 colors from a palette of 4096 colors
  • Audio: 4 8-bit PCM channels in stereo
  • Input: Text, mouse and game input.. (Perhaps MIDI..?)*
  • Filesystem: (Local system folder and ability to mount Webservers as drives)*
  • Native filetypes: GIF for images and animations, WAV for sound samples (currently only for loading)*

*Work in progress

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