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A fantasy console inspired by the Amiga computer
D Lua Shell
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Icon Homegirl

It's a fantasy console (like pico-8 or tic-80) inspired by the Commodore Amiga!


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It has graphic resolutions similar to the OCS Amigas, multitasking, multiple screens and windows etc.. It has 4 channel 8-bit stereo sound and ability to mount web-servers as drives..

The software for it, is based on Lua, which is a pretty simple and fast scripting language..

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  • Programming language: Lua (See wiki for API documentation)
  • Screen resolutions: Multiple screen modes ranging from 80x45 to 640x480 pixels
  • Number of colors: Up to 256 colors from a palette of 4096 colors
  • Audio: Four 8-bit PCM channels in stereo, playback up to 24 kHz
  • Input: Text, mouse, game input and MIDI(Windows only)..
  • Filesystem: Named drives which can be mapped to local folders or websites
  • Native filetypes: GIF for images and animations, WAV for sound samples


Download and extract latest release for your OS and run the homegirl executable from the same folder.. If it doesn't work, make sure you have the following libraries installed (a setup script may be provided):

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