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defmodule DemoWeb.Router do
use DemoWeb, :router
import Phoenix.LiveView.Router
pipeline :browser do
plug :accepts, ["html"]
plug :fetch_session
plug Phoenix.LiveView.Flash
plug :protect_from_forgery
plug :put_secure_browser_headers
plug :put_layout, {DemoWeb.LayoutView, :app}
pipeline :api do
plug :accepts, ["json"]
scope "/", DemoWeb do
pipe_through :browser
get "/", PageController, :index
live "/pictures", PicturesLive
live "/pictures/:id", PicturesLive
live "/moon", MoonLive
live "/moon/:moon", MoonLive
live "/thermostat", ThermostatLive
get "/snake", PageController, :snake
live "/search", SearchLive
live "/clock", ClockLive
live "/image", ImageLive
live "/pacman", PacmanLive
live "/rainbow", RainbowLive
live "/counter", CounterLive
live "/top", TopLive
live "/presence_users/:name", UserLive.PresenceIndex
live "/users/page/:page", UserLive.Index
live "/users", UserLive.Index
live "/users/new", UserLive.New
live "/users/:id", UserLive.Show
live "/users/:id/edit", UserLive.Edit
resources "/plain/users", UserController
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