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/** \namespace std C++ standard library. */
/** \namespace boost Boost library. */
/** \namespace estar E-Star core and utilities. */
/** \namespace gfx Graphic utilities (uses OpenGL). */
/** \namespace pnf Probabilistic Navigation Function. */
/** \namespace local Test implementations etc. */
The E-Star library implements the interpolated graph replanner
originally developed in [1] and subsequently improved in [2,3]. It
also includes an implementation of the Probabilistic Navigation
Function, originally developed in [4] before E* had seen the day,
and modified for it in [5]. A good starting point for using E* is
to read [3] and look at estar::Facade, estar::Algorithm, and their
source code. All the core functionality is in the <a
href="namespaceestar.html">estar namespace</a>, which also includes
some utilities.
Have a look at the <code>bin/</code> subdirectory for examples of
using E* and PNF. Most of these are simple text-based tools (that
produce files with data and gnuplot
instructions). <code>test_estar_gfx</code> and
<code>test_pnf_gfx</code> are more elaborate and produce graphical
output using OpenGL. For example, you can reproduce some of the
figures in [5] by running:
$ cd estar-X.Y/build/bin
$ ./test_pnf_gfx ../../misc/pnf-setup-star06-a.pnf paper
(quit the program by pressing 'q')
$ ./test_pnf_gfx ../../misc/pnf-setup-star06-b.pnf paper
\section README
\verbinclude README
\section References
[1] Roland Philippsen. "Motion Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for
Mobile Robots in Highly Cluttered Dynamic
Environments". Ph.D. Dissertation, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de
Lausanne, 2004. (Available online
[2] Roland Philippsen and Roland Siegwart. "An Interpolated Dynamic
Navigation Function". Proceedings of the IEEE International
Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2005. (Available
[3] Roland Philippsen. "A Light Formulation of the E* Interpolated
Path Replanner". Technical Report, Autonomous Systems Lab, Ecole
Polytechnique F&eacute;d&eacute;rale de Lausanne, 2006. (Available
[4] Bjoern Jensen, Roland Philippsen, and Roland Siegwart. "Motion
Detection and Path Planning in Dynamic Environments". Workshop
Proceedings Reasoning with Uncertainty in Robotics, International
Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2003.
[5] Roland Philippsen, Bjoern Jensen, and Roland Siegwart. Chapter
"Towards Real-Time Sensor-Based Path Planning in Highly Dynamic
Environments" in "Autonomous Navigation in Dynamic Environments",
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Raja Chatila, 2006. (Available online