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2.32.11 2012-10-10
fix useragent reporting
2.32.10 2012-10-10
fix useragent reporting
2.32.9 2012-10-09
backoff retries of pgbackups status api
2.32.8 2012-10-04
patch release to bump debian installer
2.32.7 2012-10-04
proper error messages for labs features that do not exist
PATH manipulation in toolbelt packaging
package ruby-1.9.3 with OSX toolbelt
2.32.6 2012-09-27
fix bug in labs for user_env_compile
2.32.5 2012-09-27
fix corner case bug in pg resolver
rework labs output
2.32.4 09/24/2012
prevent excon from using nonblocking calls to avoid ruby 1.8.7 problems
2.32.3 09/24/2012
make sure ~/.heroku directory exists before trying to use it
2.32.2 09/24/2012
wait 5 minutes between autoupdate attempts
2.32.1 09/20/2012
autoupdate on by default
make host verification more robust
2.31.5 09/21/2012
fix shared database regression in pg:info
2.31.4 09/20/2012
fix shared database regression in pg resolver
2.31.3 09/18/2012
fix docs and options check for apps:info to use --shell
use blocking requests for excon in status/updater
fix punctuation for no app specified and remove helpers duplication
retry get_transfer while polling
remove aspen from example stack list
remove redundant messaging on ssl endpoint cert removal
show actual times instead of only approximate times
update should check ENV['HEROKU_AUTOUPDATE'], not set it
use updated heroku.rb
simplify time_ago logic
update time displays to consistently show same format
remove duplication of DATABASE_URL label adding
normalize heroku status help messages
clarify pgbackups:capture --expire option help
fix time value formatting display in status
rearrange command to facilitate anonymous command capture
clearer error messages when lacking internet connectivity
collect usage locally, segregated by version
allow/ignore usage writing failures
use HerokuPostgres v11 API
disable update when autoupdate is enabled
fix punctuation in plugins:install messaging
2.31.2 09/02/2012
fix to properly reference error helpers in autoupdate
delete autoupdate mutex with rm_f
fix timing of autoupdate mutex
2.31.1 08/28/2012
change update command to check gem version before executing
use spawn instead of fork for autoupdate, except ruby 1.8
2.31.0 08/28/2012
require 'command/base' in accounts
fix formatting for json validation errors
improve punctuation and simplify no app specified messages
indicate deprecation on stacks as appropriate
remove officious version from optparse, instead of overriding
change -r/--raw to -s/--shell for apps:info
default autoupdate to on for new installs
2.30.5 08/23/2012
fix for helpers not being reloaded after inject_libpath
2.30.4 08/22/2012
free -v for other usage
remove v2/v3 compatability hack from apps#domain_name
use instead of in git_remotes
use HEROKU_GIT_HOST || HEROKU_HOST || default host for git remote detection
DRY launchy usage
update release notes to mention setting current in core
prevent double CR in rendezvous on windows
fix capitalizotion in help
display help/commands when calling `heroku auth`
remove beta indication on cedar in stacks help example
reload helpers after inject_libpaths
add error logging for autoupdate
consolidate user_agent handling, improve gem vs toolbelt and add autoupdate
add simple file based mutex for autoupdate
alpha sort deprecated plugins list
add heroku-credentials to deprecated plugins
add stats rake task to give info on commands/namespaces
2.30.3 08/15/2012
standardize formatting for certs
vendor latest okjson
format_date now converts 'GMT' to 'UTC' for consistency
standardize casing of 'SSL Endpoint' on certs output
remove builtin_plugin, which doesn't apper ever to be used
make pg:reset usage message more consistent
fix docs for labs:list
cleanup labs index/list and better errors when no features are available
more consistent global/command option handling
setup for anonymized and normalized commands
fix some flaky tests
remove nocov to better emphasize code to be removed
bump netrc to fix parsing stuff missing username or password
softer messaging on symlinked plugins
encoding fix for okjson
bump netrc to add newline as needed between entries
bump heroku-api for excon SSLv3 and nonblock fixes
2.30.2 08/02/2012
standardize/consolidate confirm_billing handling
use heroku.rb to poll app creation status
deprecate client's app methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's config methods in favor of heroku-api
more consistent usage error for pgbackups:destroy
more consistent usage errors for keys
more consistent usage errors for sharing
simplify sharing as collaborator list always includes at least owner
more consistent styling/usage for labs, add labs:list
remove logs:cron (has been deprecated for a very long time)
don't display 'Additional Commands' if all additional are deprecated
fix double period in some styled error messages
remove erroneous chdir in git:remote
don't assume launchy return value responds to join (doesn't on windows)
update labs:enable example to include docs hint
more consistent usage errors for labs
more consistent addons messaging
remove deprecated logs:drains from coverage consideration
deprecate client's collaborator methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's domain methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's keys methods in favor of heroku-api
remove long deprecated cron_logs from client and specs
deprecate client's maintenance methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's dynos/workers/ps methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's release methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's logs methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's features methods in favor of heroku-api
deprecate client's stacks methods in favor of heroku-api
remove deprecated client#release usage from addons
remove deprecated client#key usage from auth
bump heroku-api dep
avoid creating remote in git:clone if clone fails
deprecate client#auth in favor of heroku-api
more consistent usage errors and empty list for certs
better errors and messaging for certs
use heroku-api to retrieve release in addons_run
fix ssl command by using heroku.rb/json responses
deprecate client's rake/start methods in favor of rendezvous
2.30.1 07/25/2012
clearer, more consistent usage errors for pg
fix labs commands when no app is specified
simplify/shorten pg:wait logic
more consistent deprecation message for heroku run:console
2.30.0 07/25/2012
more consistent header display for config
more consistent messaging for no addons for app message
add period to addons:docs suggestions
simplify wording around modifying addons
clarify wording for addons up/down-grade messaging
more consistent usage errors for addons:(docs|open)
bump to heroku-api 0.3.0 (escapes config/domains/keys)
add maintenance command to display apps maintenance status
wait for launchy to finish before continuing
more consistent usage/help for config and ps
update tests to match new usage messages
exact match to an addon type should not be treated as ambiguous by addon:docs
fix messaging around opening addons:docs with exact matches
more consistent deprecation messaging for logs:drains
remove no longer used Heroku::Command::Help.usage_for_command
standardize pgbackups table display with display_table
more consistent --confirm handling
more explicit apps examples
add git:remote command to seutp heroku remote
more explicit output for pg when app has no databases
defer to index in pg:info without argument
backport domain_names fix to deal with v2 api data format
2.29.0 07/19/2012
more consistent usage error for apps:rename
fix apps:info -r to properly include addons/collaborators
display addon names, rather than descriptions, from apps:info
avoid displaying postgres follower credentials
warn, then `run console` for `console` on cedar
add `git:clone` to clone an apps repo and setup heroku remote
clearer update messaging when already up to date
display installed plugins in nice error output
consolidate/centralize nice error handling/display
fix an intermitent spec failure in confirm_command
bump heroku.rb to get a fix for nonblock errors and readline
more consistent usage error for config:get
update docs for addons:remove to reflect one or more usage
2.28.15 07/17/2012
bump heroku-api for subsequent proxy fixes
2.28.14 07/16/2012
updated release stuff to describe changelog task
reduce space between columns in styled_array
bump heroku-api version for further proxy fixes
2.28.13 07/16/2012
update apps:create to use consistent helpers
fix -h to work with namespaces without index commands
fix confirm_command to work properly in Heroku::Command context
remove legacy rails related warning from failed plugin installation
make version dependency explicit (used by user-agent)
bump to latest heroku-api to get excon proxy fixes
add post install toolbelt recommendation for gem
updated release to mention fisticuffs
2.28.12 07/11/2012
output app name from api response instead of passed param
fix auth spec to avoid deleting local credentials
bump heroku.rb, returning to always using okjson
2.28.11 07/11/2012
fix for pg:info sometimes not labelling DATABASE_URL
allow apps:create -a myapp to use myapp as the new app name
update apps:create examples to reflect cedar as default
clearer messaging around ssh key creation/upload errors
skip plugins:update for symlinked plugins
2.28.10 07/06/2012
fix certs command to prevent TIME_FORMAT defined warning
2.28.9 07/06/2012
ensure rest_client is required for console commands
handle nil short names in addons:list
avoid displaying nil message after addons:remove
require rest_client in 1.8.6 as rescue/reraise fails
remove simplecov
bump to latest heroku.rb and excon
2.28.8 07/03/2012
fix errors related to excon refactoring
ensure that plugins directory exists before installing plugins
2.28.7 06/27/2012
fix inverted logic in updater version check
2.28.6 06/27/2012
fixes for heroku-api and rest_client availability in error handling
fix updater version checking
fix user_agent setting for updater
2.28.5 06/26/2012
replace maximum_version in updater with simpler compare_versions
fix regression around heroku-api not being required prior to login
require excon in updater as heroku-api won't have been required
2.28.4 06/26/2012
fix user agent for pkg toolbelt
defer rest_client and heroku-api load
2.28.3 06/25/2012
further fixes around config value parsing/display
update to latest netrc
2.28.2 06/22/2012
strip color codes for windows consoles
fix inverted logic in updater inject_libpath
2.28.1 06/22/2012
handle occasional [['base', 'message']] errors
make ps sort numerically
add experimental rpm packaging
dup shift_argument to avoid frozen strings
only set sync when stdin/stdout are tty
reload updater in inject_loadpath
fix error formatting in plugins:update
fix display of quoted config values
2.28.0 06/20/2012
fix pg:unfollow specs to better reflect real usage
add tests to pg resolver for uri and SHARED_DATABASE arguments
suggest `addons:docs` instead of listing doc urls after addon modification
version now displays additional info (like user-agent)
update plugin load errors to be inline with pretty errors
improved plugin:install using git clone instead of checkout
add plugin:update to update all (or specified) plugins
add non-default host and proxy settings to nice errors
set special user agent when doing autoupdate
set stdin/stdout sync to avoid buffering
get updates through toolbelt app to allow better metric tracking
remove rubygems dependency from updater
allow HEROKU_APP to provide a default app value to commands
2.27.3 06/15/2012
fix for pg:unfollow
preserve order of data in pg:info
2.27.2 06/15/2012
properly preserve capitalization of plugin arguments
clear status after it is displayed
cleanup apps:destroy to clarify explicit vs implicit app arg
simplify by removing downcase from shift_argument
2.27.1 06/14/2012
fix resolver to deal with postgres:// style input
require rbuygems for updater, needed for version comparison
2.27.0 06/14/2012
only load ~/.heroku/client if it is newer than installed version
only complete update if downloaded version is newer
more consistent help for config:remove and add config:unset alias
add config:get to return a single config value
default to config set/get and make add/remove aliases
move interrupt rescue to CLI.start so that toolbelts get it too
skip inject_libpath on deb toolbelt
add magic comment for UTF-8 to toolbelt bin files
consolidate rubygems load attempt (remove duplication in toolbelt bins)
remove deprecated services api
centralize/expand user agents and give toolbelt a non-gem user agent
make background autoupdate opt in based on presence of ~/.heroku/autoupdate
newer libssl for deb
nicer error formatting with suggestions on getting help
line_formatter no longer fails on nil values in arrays
2.26.7 06/11/2012
add rendezvous related specs
tweak unknown command error message for clarity
bump netrc to get cygwin permissions fix
loosen time ago so that it can display '24h ago'
update netrc to allow for encrypted files
fix billing link in confirm_billing
allow port/scheme overide for HEROKU_HOST
properly send release with rollback command
re-promote master databases after pg:reset
fix pg:info to work properly with shared databases
update rollback to work/display more consistently
add status specs, update status formatting
simplify specs by stubbing time_ago (instead of time)
loosen shared_database matchers to fix failing shared database commands
2.26.6 06/04/2012
updates to release process
fixes for SHARED_DATABASE recognition and reset
2.26.5 06/01/2012
cleanup/fix for force_encoding checks in rendezvous
2.26.4 06/01/2012
fix addons index to account for mixed lists with/without attachments
fix formatting for X-Heroku-Warning messages
fix locked error handling to accomodate either heroku.rb or rest-client
sort heroku.rb error handling above rest-client
change -v to go all the way through the version command
consolidate confirm logic and allow either 'y' or 'yes' to affirm
fix time formatting in ps
update excon and subsequently simplify stubbing
only use force_encoding in rendezvous if it is defined
fix a pg pretty name edge case (where no config vars match)
2.26.3 05/30/2012
ideal updates for addons#open
add ambiguous addons to excon to provide more accurate tests
more reusable spellcheck/suggestion code
add suggestions for addons#open
ideal addons#index
add addons#doc to open devcenter article
add docs hint after addons changes
fix maintenance mode handling
force utf-8 encoding from rendezvous
display X-Heroku-Warning messages via heroku.rb
truncate release descriptions at 40 characters
add spec to cover release truncation
strip dashes in extract_option for better backwards compatibility
convert to symbol for better extract_option compatibility
add --no-remote to apps#create
skip downcasing for url argument in pgbackups#restore
fix reversed messaging in pgbackups capture/restore
fix hpg_resolve to provide pretty names
fix hpg_resolve to allow color shorthand
more consistency around prettified pg names
fix add-on not found error messaging
2.26.2 05/25/2012
fix ssl verification settings for the login special case
fix extract_option definition for backwards compatibility
2.26.1 05/24/2012
report unknown commands on stderr
fix running attached commands (they were hanging)
tweak output formatting for ps and releases
fixes for missing help and help formatting
fix SSL_VERIFY setting logic error
fix for intermitent test failure related to error_with failure
2.26.0 05/23/2012
use new ssl endpoints API namespace
reimplement `heroku rake` to use modern attached process API
allow running rake commands even with crashed web processes
consolidate rendezvous_session code
deprecate heroku-certs (now in mainline)
fix rendezvous mocks
test consistency fixes
more consistent apps:info output
fix sort order for releases
standardize "message... done" action formatting
update apps to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
better argument validation and warnings on invalid arguments
explictly error on the 'pp' app caused by passing '-app'
use new heroku.rb exceptions
use explicit shift_argument to consolidate and interface with validation
fix SKIP_PLUGINS to use either ' ' or ',' delineators, not ' ,'
add examples to help
add magic UTF-8 comment to bin/heroku
update domains to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
cleanup error and display formatting
update run to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
updates for pg/pgbackup to simplify and make more consistent
update keys to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
provide better messaging when asking for help of an aliased command
automatically display help when invalid options are passed
simplify error_with_failure
update maintenance to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
more consistent USAGE error messaging
update config to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
use heroku.rb for login
add auth:whoami
update plugins to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update ps to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update accounts to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update sharing to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update version to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
display current and new versions during update
ensure heroku.rb user-agent is overridden
update auth to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update account to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update help to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
allow HEROKU_STATUS_HOST to override default status location
forward SIGQUIT (^\) signal
lazily require launchy
updates to status to better reflect new status site
update releases to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
fix heroku.rb to properly respect existing ssl verification settings
update logs to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
update run to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
lazily require db/taps related stuff
fix short argument parsing to avoid implied short arguments
update labs to use heroku-api, validate options, have examples and standardized output
2.25.0 04/24/2012
tests cleanup/consistency updates
add initial certs commands
fix to properly recognize/message timeouts
fix for keys:add where -1 would sometimes erroneously be used
update for pg credentials rotation endpoint
2.24.1 04/11/2012
mark taps tests pending when taps is unavailable
use releases current API in addons/config instead of getting last from list
fix license inclusion for gem
more consistent error messaging (removes trailing periods)
fix for argument parsing where argument only has a long option
2.24.0 04/05/2012
toolbelt related cleanup/fixes
remove redundant API calls in apps:create
make config:remove messaging more consistent
add `pg` command to list all databases for an app
raise error on plugins:uninstall for non-existent plugins
better error messaging from pg resolver when there are no databases
properly label add-on downgrading
fix heroku run output to only remove ^M for non-tty
remove hardcoding of bundler usage in specs
avoid redundant Auth.write_credentials for heroku-accounts users
optimizations around help parsing
fixes around ssl setup for logplex to allow using against dev/test logplexes
2.23.0 03/26/2012
warn that password entry will be hidden
update heroku-shared-postgres to use postgres-addon instead
2.22.0 03/23/2012
deprecate ps:dynos and ps:workers in favor of ps:scale
allow --help and -h to trigger help
fix heroku-accounts + netrc integration
add pg:credentials --reset
strip ^M from run output
alias help now redirects to its targets help
disabled gem updater redirects users to toolbelt
merge heroku-labs
better error messaging when multiple git remotes match
fix spacing incosistency in logs output
fix login with proxy usage
error_with_failure now uses STDERR
cleanup rake tasks
add release checklist
2.21.3 03/14/2012
pass confirm properly after add-on remove confirmation
remove term-ansicolor and manipulate colors directly
add netrc dependency (instead of vendoring)
more consistent tty checking with isatty
explicitly warn about add-ons destruction in apps:destroy
consolidate/improve ctrl-c handling edge cases
git remote handling fixes
improved messaging around database ingresses
use ssl verification against logplex
use HTTPS_PROXY settings if using https
update vendored okjson
fix to allow --version to be passed through (for postgres)
test cleanup/fixes
2.21.2 03/02/2012
revert broken logplex ssl certification
warn on deb toolbelt install when gem already exists
2.21.1 02/29/2012
add libreadline-ruby1.9.1 to debian dependencies
fix for windows users with non-ascii usernames
status command now uses proxy setting correctly
logplex now verifies ssl in production
2.21.0 02/28/2012
truncate API keys to use first 40 characters
cleaner output when using ctrl-c to cancel commands
add explicit dependency on libopenssl-ruby1.9.1
rename deb and don't pull in git/foreman
specify newer libssl dependency
change credential storage to use ~/.netrc
refactoring/cleanup in auth
more explicit help for specifying addons to apps:create
build jruby, rbx and ree in travis (but allow failures)
make `heroku -v` and `heroku --version` return version string
allow apps:destroy with just --confirm (instead of also requiring --app)
2.20.1 02/16/2012
packaging related fixes
add ability to pass credentials via ENV['HEROKU_API_KEY']
consistency fixes for indentation/formatting
fix for error type in apps:destroy
link to contributors rather than explicitly listing
proxy fixes (prepend missing http(s)://, don't use if value is empty string)
fix x_confirmation_required response handling
include license
2.20.0 02/10/2012 4a96f9199ebaa6fa087df186c3ec4ecce08c94fa
leveraged put and get helper methods
upgrade rake
add auth:token command
Merge pull request #227 from heroku/auth-token
helps to have an api_key method
update pkg installing
remove version from inner package
stub old pkg:release
Merge pull request #225 from heroku/api_calls
more explicit usage instructions of apps:destroy error. closes #228
better error when missing fork/follow argument for resolver closes #229
2.19.2 02/01/2012 946ef8889bd673089efe2164490bdbdd1283836f
fix pg:wait with no arguments to loop over all databases
fix default hostname when parsing database.yml for db:push and db:pull
fix apps:destroy to prevent improperly defaulting to app from current directory
deb build/release are now in toolbelt
2.19.1 01/27/2012
fix formatting for collaborators in app info
fix error around adding addons to an app which has no releases
use vendored OkJson instead of JSON for shared database client
2.19.0 01/26/2012 818b34d8e6592bf3a3ea08beb4b4868e1582c9b3
Possible to do 'heroku logs' via proxy
connect to postgresql domain socket
deprecate old foo=bar style provisioning params
Support Heroku Shared PostgreSQL (Yobuko)
Deprecate heroku-shared-postgresql plugin
New command: pg:credentials
Much better prompting and output
make git installation optional with default detected appropriately
gem version of the client should disable heroku update
use Heroku::CLI to simulate runs
bump rubyzip for better 1.9 compat
fix broken load path setup
Allow pg:promote to receive case-sensitive postgres URLs
Add example for checking heroku pg:info RONIN
Switch .deb to depending on Ruby 1.9.
Disable updates when installed via deb.
confirm command on addon removal
allow for the shortcut lowercase color with the addition of case sensitive url ids
more explicit success for login
update apps:info to show only the email address for collaborators
remove duplicate .git in remotes after app:rename
provide better error from Client#info when argument is nil
2.18.1 01/09/2012 3dbc88b55c1c5621b53d002007525808626285bb
fix typo
2.18.0 01/09/2012 b145e6ae57bd89c7c8c7a21a1054d79831129e5c
clean up windows installer
allow extract_app to work, but warn of deprecation
use returned git_url instead of contructed url
silently alias apps:delete to apps:destroy, as I keep mistyping this
fix help for logs:drains
2.17.0 12/19/2011 9532885dbc4b880088da4a7a3a9a61b9e0c3b462
add travis icon to README
Fix bug in partitioned states that prevented add-ons being listed.
[run:detached] add ability to run detached processes
Merge pull request #200 from wuputah/run-detached
Merge pull request #201 from heroku/fix-partition-addons
2.16.3 12/16/2011 26bc36811ba2f78e87c23c9838bec56e38bdf94b
Partition add-ons based on state.
Don't display URL.
Add some specs for partitioning addons by state.
Use the new display_object helper to show partitioned add-on states.
Merge pull request #190 from heroku/partition-states
[release] consolidated local_build and release tasks
remove no longer used 'display_addons'
merge in functionality from heroku-suggest plugin
alphasort command suggestions for consistency
2.16.2 12/13/2011 14ffe86d48c6b7b2871ecaeb04cc7647dfc72338
Revert "[bin] make load paths local"
cleaner loadpath setup
dont go to the next line during creation
Merge pull request #193 from heroku/disable-dynos-and-workers-on-cedar
error out when running ps:dynos/workers on cedar apps
cosmetics, format cedar error messages like the others
[bin] make load paths local
[base] avoid redefining BaseWithApp
fix double bangs on some errors
fix specs for extract_error
[plugins] deprecate heroku-kill and heroku-stop
2.16.1 12/10/2011 3bdfb86750af86fbf8e81e56e669857ecb16ef13
fix bad hputs call
2.16.0 12/09/2011 5f6ad0c259cec3acac5eeb9a15014bf50e7f9717
Found this while debugging new Yobuko plugin.
retry without ssl verification if there's a failure
[apps] replace display with t/f with hputs/hprint
[apps] assume that info always has web/git urls
[apps] capitilization consistincy fixes for info
[apps] more consistent helper usage
[base] consolidate Base and BaseWithApp
[base] remove explicit extract_app
[command] simplify/consolidate confirmation
[command|base] Re-add BaseWithApp alias for backwards compatibility
Revert "retry without ssl verification if there's a failure"
[client] re-add ssl error to prevent silent fail
integrate heroku-status plugin
[command] update extract_error
[command] nicer messaging around 500 error status suggestion
2.15.3 12/07/2011 72cb70f16d44657f072ba440d31e064ead43dff9
use http for travis webhook for now
skip subfolders for dist/deb.rake
[helpers] fix format for error
[help] display all namespaces in alpha order
reduce duplication when responding to invalid commands
remove commented out require
[helpers] work toward consolidated display by type
[helpers] fix reused object name
[helpers] alphasort list with headers in display_object
[apps:destroy] explain info, remove unused line
wrap stty in with_tty to catch errors
2.15.1 12/02/2011 a9b5ecd79b58434155bd3d403388c38f301e6382
remove windows locks
try using dev/null for stdin during tests
Revert "try using dev/null for stdin during tests"
Revert "replace aws/s3 with fog"
modify output format for travis to aide in debugging
correction for travis config
remove test which timeouts on travis (and isn't very useful)
create 'pkg' directory during build
Add raketask to generate changelog
[release] deb:build now more consistent with other builds
[release] DRY deb rake task by not hard-coding repeated dir
remove spec helper which gets overwritten anyway
require heroku/helpers because Heroku::Plugin relies on it
use @cli.home_directory consistently in auth_spec
set home_directory to a tmpdir in tests