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This is basically a version of the excellent for python projects. This script is context aware, if you are in the root of a Django project (the directory where is located) it will run the Django test runner, otherwise it will run the command python -m unittest.



Bundle 'poiati/vim-pythontest'


cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone git://


There are two mapped keys:

<leader>r Run all the tests of the current vim buffer.

<leader>R Run the method the cursor is currently located.

  • Currently there is no support custom mapping support.

The plugin also remember the last ran test file so you can run your test again from a non test file. For instance, you go to the buffer, run the tests, change to file, do some changes and run the tests again.

  • The test file name need to start with test, e.g:
  • The vim mappings runs only on python buffers (FileType python).

Demonstration Video

Demonstration Video