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pointbiz v3.3.0 remove support for IE8 72aefc0 Dec 24, 2016
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Open Source JavaScript Client-Side Bitcoin Wallet Generator
The file contains all the JavaScript/Css/Images embedded
in the HTML document. Included in the file name is the file's version
number and hash.
The software is available Open Source under the MIT License.
Visit the GitHub Repository for the full copyright and license information:
Bitcoin Forum thread:
Donation Address: 1NiNja1bUmhSoTXozBRBEtR8LeF9TGbZBN
1) For Bulk Wallet I recommended using Google Chrome, it's the fastest.
2) Requires IE9+, Firefox, Chrome or sufficient JavaScript support.
3) Mobile Safari only works with iPhone4 or newer devices.
Older devices timeout while executing JavaScript.
4) DO NOT use Opera Mini it renders JavaScript output server side, therefore
they might record the private key you generated.
5) BIP38 most likely will not work on mobile devices due to hardware limitations.
Here is a signed list of file names and version history.
2016-12-23: status ACTIVE
- remove support for IE8
- small translations updates for hu and pt-br
2016-11-27: status ACTIVE
- wallet details: show error when checksum validation fails
- wallet details: show error when private key outside of curve range
2016-08-21: status ACTIVE
- version bump for unix line endings
2016-07-31: status ACTIVE
- BigInteger modInverse should be positive
- throw if modInverse 0
- improve BigInteger constructor so that it works if caller forgets 'new'
- add unit tests for BigInteger
- thanks to dooglus, jprichardson, dcousens
2016-02-19: status ACTIVE
- switch languages without full page load
- add BIP38 encryption to Bulk Wallet
- use compressed addresses on Single/Paper/Bulk Wallet
- add compressed address option on Brain Wallet
2016-01-17: status ACTIVE
- refactor translations into separate files per culture.
2015-11-22: status ACTIVE
- add BIP38 encryption on Wallet Details tab.
2015-10-25: status ACTIVE
- fix for session log not keeping track of keys from "Wallet Details" tab before entropy is collected.
2015-10-25: status ACTIVE
- add session log icon that shows all the key pairs generated during the current session.
2015-08-16: status ACTIVE
- add status icons for checking the URI protocol used, support for window.crypto.getRandomValues
and run the synchronous unit tests after entropy collection.
2015-07-18: status ACTIVE
- add Portuguese. Thanks rhcastilhos.
- minor french updates.
2015-07-05: status ACTIVE
- improve tab usability. You can now get to the Brain Wallet and Wallet Details tabs before
completing the entropy collection.
2015-01-08: status ACTIVE
- fix French translations. Escape quotes.
2015-01-07: status OFFLINE
- fix translations
2015-01-05: status ACTIVE
- Japanese translations for Split Wallet. Thanks dabura667.
- remove promise to show MINI key on details tab. MINI key
will only be shown when it is provided since it cannot
be derived from other key formats.
- fix README
- Russian translations. Thanks e5faf2.
- Simplified Chinese translations. Thanks kwl01skz.
- add direct link to zip on github
- add this CHANGELOG to repository and add detached sigs in repository.
add link to sig of HTML.
- hash with SHA256 instead of SHA1. SHA1 hash still provided in package.json.
2014-04-23: status ACTIVE
- increased the HTML height to allow for greater range of mouse
seed values on large monitors. Thanks danbartram.
- Japanese translations. Thanks dabura667.
2014-04-21: status ACTIVE
- Hungarian translation. Thanks bitcoin333.
- Auto detect culture and translate. Thanks onovy.
2014-04-15: status ACTIVE
- Split Wallet: Shamir's Secret Sharing for a Bitcoin private key.
Thanks to Jeff Weiss.
2014-01-19: status ACTIVE
- Czech translation
- remove firstbits link
- fix mouse movement visualization for Firefox and IE
2014-01-18: status ACTIVE
- more entropy from browser fingerprinting for PRNG seed
- user can add entropy through URL hash tag
- seed mouse movement as 16-bit number
- whole seed pool initially filled by window.crypto.getRandomValues
- added textbox as an alternative input source for entropy
- address will not generate without a minimum amount of human added entropy
from mouse or keyboard
- discard mouse movements less than 40ms apart
- visualize points of entropy collection from the mouse
2013-12-23: status ACTIVE
- keys and addresses in monospace font.
2013-12-22: status ACTIVE
- more entropy for the PRNG seed.
- use ?showseedpool=true to see the contents of the seed pool in hex.
2013-12-09: status ACTIVE
- German translations thanks to gerEDH.
2013-12-01: status ACTIVE
- dice FAQ on detail wallet tab.
- QR code spacing adjusted to 4x on single wallet and detail wallet tab.
- update to JSBN 1.4
- add passphrase required alert to paper wallet tab for bip38 keys.
2013-11-14: status ACTIVE
- Italian translations thanks to Coin-Escrow
- Add base6 support to Wallet Details tab
2013-11-03: status ACTIVE
- Usability improvements to Single Wallet, Paper Wallet and Brain Wallet.
2013-10-24: status ACTIVE
- BIP38 passphrase protected paper wallets. Thanks to casascius, scintill, Zeilap.
Paper Wallet tab and Wallet Details tab support BIP38.
- Compressed address support on Bulk Wallet tab.
- Greek translations thanks to ifaist0s
2013-02-17: status ACTIVE
- French translations thanks to blockgenesis.
2013-01-27: status ACTIVE
- Vanity Wallet now supports compressed keys.
- Elliptic Curve and Bitcoin.ECKey libaries now support compressed keys.
- English Json used for translations is now output to a textarea when
you run the unit tests.
- more unit tests, use ?unittests=true to run them.
2012-12-30: status ACTIVE
- critical bug fix to Vanity Wallet multiplication of a public key with a private key.
Bug was due to incorrect construction of BigInteger object. Which results in the incorrect
Bitcoin Address being displayed. Therefore, v2.1 has been taken offline.
- new translations code and initial spanish translation. Thanks to dserrano5 for translating.
2012-12-24: status OFFLINE
- Vanity Wallet now supports adding/multiplying of public/private keys.
Compressed keys not supported.
- refactored wallet HTML/JavaScript to make the code more modular.
Now it's easier to add/remove a specific wallet.
- reusable public and private key math has been extracted to
ninja.privateKey and ninja.publicKey
- created unit tests
2012-10-20: status ACTIVE
- Added Vanity Wallet merged from n1bor
- Paper Wallet merged high resolution QR code from ironwolf
2012-10-11: status ACTIVE
- fixed Testnet Edition WIF and Compressed WIF private keys. It now prepends
the correct byte (0xEF) for testnet when activated.
2012-10-07: status ACTIVE
- Paper Wallet Tab: Art wallet is now the default.
- Paper Wallet Tab: The PNG has been resized to fit better into physical
wallets when printed.
- Paper Wallet Tab: The PNG has been rendered using the Ubuntu font.
2012-09-29: status ACTIVE
- Paper Wallet Tab now has the option to print an artistic wallet.
Current implementation uses an embedded PNG. This feature is not supported
in IE8.
- Brain Wallet Tab now has passphrase confirm and show passphrase options.
2012-07-29: status ACTIVE
- Added Brain Wallet Tab. Algorithm is SHA256(passphrase).
Minimum passphrase length is 15 characters.
2012-03-22: status ACTIVE
- Wallet Details Tab:
coretechs fixed a bug with the display of the base64 private key
coretechs added support for compressed keys
2012-01-09: status ACTIVE
- Wallet Details Tab: Allow for a deterministic wallet to be created by entering a passphrase on
the wallet details tab. If you input text that is not a valid private key you will
be prompted and asked if you want to use the entered text as a passphrase to
create a private key. If you select OK then it will perform a SHA256 of the passphrase
to generate your private key.
- Wallet Details Tab: Added QRCodes. Added Public Key.
- Bulk Wallet Tab: added FAQs.
- Version number now shown in footer.
2011-11-28: status ACTIVE
- Testnet Edition: if you add ?testnet=true to the end of the URL it will activate testnet edition.
- isMiniFormat function updated to accept mini key formats of length 22, 26 or 30 characters.
- software is now open source available under the MIT License.
2011-10-12: status ACTIVE
-Wallet Details Tab: Added extra check on validity of Wallet Import Format and
Base64 Private Keys.
2011-10-11: status ACTIVE
-Removed 'Standard Format' from Wallet Details tab.
2011-10-10: status ACTIVE
-Added Wallet Details tab.
2011-10-02: status ACTIVE
-Added more entropy, all mouse movements in the window will add to the random seed pool.
-Added PaperWallet tab. You can now generate multiple QRCode pairs per page.
2011-09-22: status ACTIVE
-Css update to tabs
-Added double quotes around CSV bitcoin address and private key output
2011-09-22: status ACTIVE
-Added Bulk Wallet tab. Now you can generate CSV lists of addresses!
2011-09-19: status ACTIVE
-Removed QRCode donation address
2011-09-19: status ACTIVE
-DO NOT USE VERSION 0.1 TO 0.4! They infrequently could generate bad keys.
-Bug Fixed: v0.1 to v0.4 included a bug in the Elliptic Curve function:
The X and Y integers that were less than 32 bytes were not being zero padded.
They are now zero padded which fixes the bug in generating public keys.
-Bug Fixed: v0.3 and v0.4 had a bug in the Wallet Import Format function:
Private keys there were less than 32 bytes were not being zero padded.
They are now zero padded which fixes the bug in generating private keys.
-Requires IE8+, Firefox, Chrome or sufficient JavaScript support.
-Added function to build a CSV list of addresses and keys.
Not supported in the GUI yet.
-Added a timeout to override the mouse move detection. Therefore, if the user
has not moved his mouse before a certain random expiry the address and key
will then be generated. This helps for mobile devices.
2011-09-18: status OFFLINE
-Known bug: Bitcoin.Base58.encode is not working in IE7
-Removed Private Key Hex
-Added QRCode for Bitcoin Address
-Added QRCode for Private Key Wallet Import Format
-Added extra entrophy with mouse movement technique
-Footer now hides when printing
-QRCode shows with canvas, if canvas is not supported (IE8) then it shows
with a table. Printing of the table is not supported by most browsers.
2011-09-13: status OFFLINE
-Removed Private Key Base64
-Added Private Key Wallet Import Format
2011-09-12: status OFFLINE
-Added doctype so IE9 renders in standards mode
-Added for IE7/8 compatibility
-Added New Address and Print buttons
-Added new logo
-Known bug: Bitcoin.Base58.encode is not working in IE7
2011-09-11: status OFFLINE
-Initial release
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