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PointCheckout extension for magento 1.9 setup guide

This guide walks you through on how to setup PointCheckout as a payment method on magento 1.9

  1. Download the extension zip file from releases tab
  2. Follow the Megento extension setup guides
    • Log in to Magento admin panel
    • Check Cache Management (if there are some Cache Types disabled change them to enable status.
    • Under System -> Cache Management
    • Check Compilation status (Disable compilation if it's enabled)
    • Under System -> tools -> Compilation
    • Extract the extension zip file and copy the extracted files to the folder of your Magento (Using FTP client)
    • Return to your Magento admin panel and Flush Cache Storage and Flush Javascript/CSS Cache.
    • Under System -> Cache Management
    • Go to System/Tools/Compilation and Enable compilation
    • Log out from Magento
    • Log in to admin panel again and you should see the extension setup UI under System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods
  3. set configuration for the extension:
    • Live or Test Mode: that to choose between live and test mode
    • API Key: The API Key Provided by PointCheckout
    • API Secret Key: The API Secret Key Provided by PointCheckout
    • Payment Applicable From: All countries / Specific countries
    • If Specific countries selected, a multi-select list is shown to select the applicable countries
    • Restrict to specific customer groups: Yes / No
    • If Yes, a multi-select list of all Customer groups is shown to select the target groups
    • New order status: the status of the order once the customer is redirected to PointCheckout for processing the payment
    • Payment success status: the status of the order if payment successfully processed
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