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MooTools On Rails is a plugin for Ruby On Rails. It aims to replace the default Javascript Librairies : Prototype and by MooTools (another great javascript library).
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= Mootools On Rails

== How to install

Just follow these three steps :

1. You must run the following task : 
	rake mootools_on_rails:install

2. You must add the following line in your layout :
	<%= javascript_include_tag :mootools %>

3. You must add the following line in your RAILS_ROOT/config/routes.rb
	ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
That's all !

== How to use

=== Event behaviour

In your view :

  <% add_event('link', 'click') do |page|
  	page.alert('coucou div 2')
   end %>
  <%= content_tag(:a, "My Link", :id => 'link') %>

== More documentations

== Contributors

Thank you to them :

- Grzegorz Kazulak

== Credits

* This plugin is inspired by the "YUI On Rails" plugin by "PJ Hyett".
* The unobtrusive_javascript plugin is by Luke Redpath ( and Dan Webb (
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