The source for Point-Free, a weekly video series on functional programming and the Swift programming language.
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This repo contains the application code for the Point-Free website, a weekly video series exploring Swift and functional programming. It's responsible for routing requests, loading data and serving HTML. If you're interested in running it locally, check out the server code, which is responsible for connecting a bare bones Kitura server to this code.

Point-Free Homepage

Getting started

The repo contains an extensive test suite and some playgrounds to explore. You can get this running by:

  • git clone
  • cd pointfreeco
  • swift package generate-xcodeproj
  • xed .
  • Run tests: Command+U
  • Build: Command+B
  • Open a playground!

Some fun things to explore

There're a lot of fun things to explore in this repo. For example:

  • We develop web pages in playgrounds for a continuous feedback loop. This is made possible by the fact that the entire server stack is composed of pure functions with side-effects pushed to the boundaries of the application. It allows us to load up any request in isolation, including POST requests, all without ever worrying about doing a side-effect. Server side Swift in a playground

  • We use snapshot testing to capture full data structures in order to verify their correctness. Not only do we do this in the traditional way of taking screenshots of web pages at various break points (e.g. on iPhone and desktop), but we can also snapshot any entire request-to-response lifecycle (e.g. the POST to a signup page does the correct redirect).

▿ Step

▿ Request
  POST http://localhost:8080/launch-signup

▿ Response
  Status 302 FOUND
  Location: /?success=true

Related projects

Point-Free uses a bunch of interesting open-source software:

  • swift-web: A collection of types and functions for dealing with common web server concerns, such as HTML render, CSS preprocessing, middleware and more.
  • swift-prelude: Offers a standard library for experimental functional programming in Swift.
  • swift-snapshot-testing: Powers our testing infrastructure by taking snapshots of various data structures to guarantee the correctness of their output. We use this on everything from middleware to ensure requests are correctly transformed into responses, and even entire web pages to make sure the site looks correct at a variety of sizes (e.g. on iPhone and desktop).

Explore more of our open-source on the Point-Free organization.

Find this interesting?

Then check out Point-Free, a soon-to-be-launching weekly video series exploring Swift and functional programming!


The content of this project itself is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and the underlying source code used to format and display that content is licensed under the MIT license.