Allows more control over the Symphony frontend page content type mappings.
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Content Type Mappings

Version: 1.3
Author: Alistair Kearney (
Build Date: 30th July 2009
Requirements: Symphony 2.0.6 or greater

Allows more control over Frontend page content type mappings. Each mapping is 
stored in the Symphony config file, and page type is matched against these mappings.


	* You must be running the latest Symphony code from the git Integration branch *

	1. Enable the extension
	2. Add content type mappings to your /manifest/config.php file with 
	   the format 'TYPE' => 'CONTENT-TYPE', E.G.:

			###### CONTENT-TYPE-MAPPINGS ######
			'content-type-mappings' => array(
				'xml' => 'text/xml; charset=utf-8',
				'text' => 'text/plain; charset=utf-8',

	3. If a page uses a type listed in the config, that appropriate content type will
	   be set. Should more than one match be found, the last one encountered will be

	To force download of a page (by setting the Content-Disposition header), give it a page 
	type that begins with a '.'. The page will be downloaded with a filename = $page-handle.$type.
	For instance, a page with handle 'form-data' and a page type of '.csv' will be downloaded as
	Depending on the Content Type you map to a page type, it may not be necessary to add this
	Content-Disposition header in order to cause the page to download.

	1.3 - Using new Symphony delegate, FrontendPreRenderHeaders. Old delegate was triggering after headers were rendered.
	1.2 - Fixed to work properly with Page::addHeaderToPage()
	1.1  - Symphony 2.0.5 compatibility upgrade
		 - Force download option (thanks to ashooner)