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$about = array(
'name' => 'Nederlands',
'author' => array(
'name' => 'Carsten de Vries',
'email' => '',
'website' => ''
'release-date' => '2009-11-09'
* EXTENSION: Export Ensemble
* Localisation strings
$dictionary = array(
'Existing Installation' =>
'Bestaande installatie',
'Install Symphony <em>Version %s</em>' =>
'Installeer Symphony <em>versie %s</em>',
'It appears that Symphony has already been installed at this location.' =>
'Het lijkt er op dat Symphony al geïnstalleerd is op deze locatie.',
'Export Ensemble' =>
'Create' =>
'Packages entire site as a <code>.zip</code> archive for download.' =>
'Export Ensemble cannot be installed, since the "<a href="">ZipArchive</a>" class is not available. Ensure that PHP was compiled with the <code>--enable-zip</code> flag.' =>
'Exporteerensemble kan niet worden geinstalleerd omdat de "<a href="">ZIP-archief</a>" klasse niet beschikbaar is. Zorg dat PHP gecompileerd is met de <code>--enable-zip</code> optie.',
'Warning: It appears you do not have the "ZipArchive" class available. Ensure that PHP was compiled with <code>--enable-zip</code>' =>
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