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This extension provides Markdown formatting for fields. It is part of the Symphony core download package.


Format text using Markdown syntax. This release also passes any output through the HTML Purifier library.

Installation & Updating

Although the update should address this, fields that used a previous version (< 1.10) may appear to have no formatter specified and will need to be set manually.

Information about installing and updating extensions can be found in the Symphony documentation at

Change Log

Version 1.11

  • Added back the "Markdown Extra" and "Markdown Extra with SmartyPants" formatters. The "Markdown with HTML Purifier" does not use the Extra or SmartyPants libraries.

Version 1.10

  • Using updated PHP Markdown library. v1.2.4
  • Added HTML Purifier v4.0.0 to help prevent XSS and other attacks on input
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