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An openFrameworks addon supporting the Flickr API.
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An openFrameworks addon for interfacing with the Flickr API. Allows you to authenticate with users via OAuth, store a token (as XML), and perform authenticated calls (such as uploading images).

Current Status

  • Only supports a few calls:
    • uploads
    • flickr.auth.getFrob (part of authentication)
    • flickr.auth.checkToken (ditto)
  • Logic is there to support almost the entire API, just needs to be written
  • Calls are currently with threaded support (experimental). For now only upload threaded support.
  • Project is tested in mac, linux and windows (all calls are through OF's included version of Poco)
  • Not tested with uploading video yet...

Setting Up

  • Download openframeworks
  • Clone into openframeworks/addons
  • Open an example project:

Tested in linux and windows (VS 2010) by @kalwalt.

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