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Chef-specific analysis for your projects, as an extension to RuboCop.

Conversion Progress

  • FC001 Use strings in preference to symbols to access node attributes Chef/AttributeKeys
  • FC002 Avoid string interpolation where not required Style/UnneededInterpolation
  • FC003 Check whether you are running with chef server before using server-specific features Deprecated because solo supports search
  • FC004 Use a service resource to start and stop services
  • FC005 Avoid repetition of resource declarations
  • FC006 Mode should be quoted or fully specified when setting file permissions Chef/FileMode
  • FC007 Ensure recipe dependencies are reflected in cookbook metadata
  • FC008 Generated cookbook metadata needs updating
  • FC009 Resource attribute not recognised Deprecated as this is better done in ChefSpec
  • FC010 Invalid search syntax
  • FC011 Missing README in markdown format
  • FC012 Use Markdown for README rather than RDoc
  • FC013 Use file_cache_path rather than hard-coding tmp paths
  • FC014 Consider extracting long ruby_block to library
  • FC015 Consider converting definition to a Custom Resource
  • FC016 LWRP does not declare a default action
  • FC017 LWRP does not notify when updated
  • FC018 LWRP uses deprecated notification syntax
  • FC019 Access node attributes in a consistent manner Chef/AttributeKeys
  • FC020 Conditional execution string attribute looks like Ruby
  • FC021 Resource condition in provider may not behave as expected
  • FC022 Resource condition within loop may not behave as expected
  • FC023 Prefer conditional attributes
  • FC024 Consider adding platform equivalents
  • FC025 Prefer chef_gem to compile-time gem install
  • FC026 Conditional execution block attribute contains only string
  • FC027 Resource sets internal attribute
  • FC028 Incorrect #platform? usage
  • FC029 No leading cookbook name in recipe metadata
  • FC030 Cookbook contains debugger breakpoints
  • FC031 Cookbook without metadata.rb file
  • FC032 Invalid notification timing
  • FC033 Missing template
  • FC034 Unused template variables
  • FC035 Template uses node attribute directly
  • FC037 Invalid notification action Deprecated as this is better done in ChefSpec
  • FC038 Invalid resource action Deprecated as this is better done in ChefSpec
  • FC039 Node method cannot be accessed with key
  • FC040 Execute resource used to run git commands
  • FC041 Execute resource used to run curl or wget commands
  • FC042 Prefer include_recipe to require_recipe
  • FC043 Prefer new notification syntax
  • FC044 Avoid bare attribute keys
  • FC045 Metadata does not contain cookbook name
  • FC046 Attribute assignment uses assign unless nil
  • FC047 Attribute assignment does not specify precedence
  • FC048 Prefer Mixlib::ShellOut
  • FC049 Role name does not match containing file name
  • FC050 Name includes invalid characters
  • FC051 Template partials loop indefinitely
  • FC052 Metadata uses the unimplemented "suggests" keyword
  • FC053 Metadata uses the unimplemented "recommends" keyword
  • FC055 Ensure maintainer is set in metadata
  • FC056 Ensure maintainer_email is set in metadata
  • FC057 Library provider does not declare use_inline_resources
  • FC058 Library provider declares use_inline_resources and declares #action_ methods
  • FC059 LWRP provider does not declare use_inline_resources
  • FC060 LWRP provider declares use_inline_resources and declares #action_ methods
  • FC061 Valid cookbook versions are of the form x.y or x.y.z
  • FC062 Cookbook should have version metadata
  • FC063 Cookbook incorrectly depends on itself
  • FC064 Ensure issues_url is set in metadata
  • FC065 Ensure source_url is set in metadata


Just install the rubocop-chef gem

chef gem install rubocop-chef


You need to tell RuboCop to load the Chef extension. There are three ways to do this:

RuboCop configuration file

Put this into your .rubocop.yml.

require: rubocop-chef

Now you can run rubocop and it will automatically load the RuboCop Chef cops together with the standard cops.

Command line

rubocop --require rubocop-chef

Rake task do |task|
  task.requires << 'rubocop-chef'

The Cops

All cops are located under lib/rubocop/cop/chef, and contain examples/documentation.

In your .rubocop.yml, you may treat the Chef cops just like any other cop. For example:

    - libraries/my_vendored_file.rb


rubocop-chef is based on rubocop-rspec, which is MIT licensed. See the accompanying file for the full text.