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gRPC Examples

gRPC example microservices in Go, Rust, C#, Python and JavaScript.

hydrun CI Docker CI Matrix


This repo includes very simple example math gPRC microservices in multiple languages. They can be used to get started with gRPC and Kubernetes, be used as a reference, or as a template for your own service.

Currently, the following example services have been added; please check out their individual READMEs for more information on them:

Icon Name Link
gomather (Go) README
mather-rs (Rust) README
MatherNet (C#) README
pymather (Python) README
mather.js (JavaScript) README

📖 Happy learning!


To contribute, please use the GitHub flow and follow our Code of Conduct.

To build and start a development version of a microservice locally, run the following:

$ git clone
$ cd service_you_want_contribute_to
$ make depend
$ MULTIPLIER=1 make dev
# Or, if you prefer to develop in Kubernetes
$ MULTIPLIER=1 skaffold dev -p dev --port-forward

The microservice should now be started and the frontend be available on localhost:5000. Whenever you change a source file, it will automatically be re-compiled.

Have any questions or need help? Chat with us on Matrix!


gRPC Examples (c) 2021 Felicitas Pojtinger and contributors

SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0