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// ASIWebPageRequest.h
// Part of ASIHTTPRequest ->
// Created by Ben Copsey on 29/06/2010.
// Copyright 2010 All-Seeing Interactive. All rights reserved.
// This is an EXPERIMENTAL class - use at your own risk!
// It is strongly recommend to set a downloadDestinationPath when using ASIWebPageRequest
// Also, performance will be better if your ASIWebPageRequest has a downloadCache setup
// Known issue: You cannot use startSychronous with an ASIWebPageRequest
#import "ASIHTTPRequest.h"
#import <libxml/HTMLparser.h>
#import <libxml/xmlsave.h>
#import <libxml/xpath.h>
#import <libxml/xpathInternals.h>
@class ASINetworkQueue;
// Used internally for storing what type of data we got from the server
typedef enum _ASIWebContentType {
ASINotParsedWebContentType = 0,
ASIHTMLWebContentType = 1,
ASICSSWebContentType = 2
} ASIWebContentType;
// These correspond with the urlReplacementMode property of ASIWebPageRequest
typedef enum _ASIURLReplacementMode {
// Don't modify html or css content at all
ASIDontModifyURLs = 0,
// Replace external resources urls (images, stylesheets etc) with data uris, so their content is embdedded directly in the html/css
ASIReplaceExternalResourcesWithData = 1,
// Replace external resource urls with the url of locally cached content
// You must set the baseURL of a WebView / UIWebView to a file url pointing at the downloadDestinationPath of the main ASIWebPageRequest if you want to display your content
// See the Mac or iPhone example projects for a demonstration of how to do this
// The hrefs of all hyperlinks are changed to use absolute urls when using this mode
ASIReplaceExternalResourcesWithLocalURLs = 2
} ASIURLReplacementMode;
@interface ASIWebPageRequest : ASIHTTPRequest {
// Each ASIWebPageRequest for an HTML or CSS file creates its own internal queue to download external resources
ASINetworkQueue *externalResourceQueue;
// This dictionary stores a list of external resources to download, along with their content-type data or a path to the data
NSMutableDictionary *resourceList;
// Used internally for parsing HTML (with libxml)
xmlDocPtr doc;
// If the response is an HTML or CSS file, this will be set so the content can be correctly parsed when it has finished fetching external resources
ASIWebContentType webContentType;
// Stores a reference to the ASIWebPageRequest that created this request
// Note that a parentRequest can also have a parent request because ASIWebPageRequests parse their contents to look for external resources recursively
// For example, a request for an image can be created by a request for a stylesheet which was created by a request for a web page
ASIWebPageRequest *parentRequest;
// Controls what ASIWebPageRequest does with external resources. See the notes above for more.
ASIURLReplacementMode urlReplacementMode;
// Will return a data URI that contains a base64 version of the content at this url
// This is used when replacing urls in the html and css with actual data
// If you subclass ASIWebPageRequest, you can override this function to return different content or a url pointing at another location
- (NSString *)contentForExternalURL:(NSString *)theURL;
// Returns the location that a downloaded external resource's content will be stored in
- (NSString *)cachePathForRequest:(ASIWebPageRequest *)theRequest;
@property (retain, nonatomic) ASIWebPageRequest *parentRequest;
@property (assign, nonatomic) ASIURLReplacementMode urlReplacementMode;
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