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ASIHTTPRequest donors
I am very grateful to the following people for their generous donations:
Karl Beck
John Brayton
Stephan Burlot (
Jack Cardinal (
Wonki Chung
Matt Coneybeare (
Connected Bits LLC (
Robert Davis
Felis de Brito
Nathan de Vries (
James Hartzell
Hunter Hillegas
Felix Holmgren
Cesar Jacquet
Philip Jespersen
Jaanus Kase
Thomas Kiesl (
Maksim Libenson
John Paul May (
Jirapong Nanta (
Ben Pettit (http://
Spencer Pieters (
Alessandro Segala (
Ben Scheirman
Basil Shkara (
Jakub Suder (
Kyle Van Essen
Dan Zeitman
Many thanks!
Doesn’t this list look awfully short without your name on it?
If you'd like to donate, go here:
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