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// ASIHTTPRequest.h
// Created by Ben Copsey on 04/10/2007.
// Copyright 2007-2008 All-Seeing Interactive. All rights reserved.
// A guide to the main features is available at:
// Portions are based on the ImageClient example from Apple:
// See:
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "ASIProgressDelegate.h"
@interface ASIHTTPRequest : NSOperation {
//The url for this operation, should include GET params in the query string where appropriate
NSURL *url;
//The delegate, you need to manage setting and talking to your delegate in your subclasses
id delegate;
//Parameters that will be POSTed to the url
NSMutableDictionary *postData;
//Files that will be POSTed to the url
NSMutableDictionary *fileData;
//Dictionary for custom HTTP request headers
NSMutableDictionary *requestHeaders;
//Will be populate with HTTP response headers from the server
NSDictionary *responseHeaders;
//If useKeychainPersistance is true, network requests will attempt to read credentials from the keychain, and will save them in the keychain when they are successfully presented
BOOL useKeychainPersistance;
//If useSessionPersistance is true, network requests will save credentials and reuse for the duration of the session (until clearSession is called)
BOOL useSessionPersistance;
//When downloadDestinationPath is set, the result of this request will be downloaded to the file at this location
//If downloadDestinationPath is not set, download data will be stored in memory
NSString *downloadDestinationPath;
//Used for writing data to a file when downloadDestinationPath is set
NSOutputStream *outputStream;
//When the request fails or completes successfully, complete will be true
BOOL complete;
//If an error occurs, error will contain an NSError
NSError *error;
//If an authentication error occurs, we give the delegate a chance to handle it, ignoreError will be set to true
BOOL ignoreError;
//Username and password used for authentication
NSString *username;
NSString *password;
//Domain used for NTLM authentication
NSString *domain;
//Delegate for displaying upload progress (usually an NSProgressIndicator, but you can supply a different object and handle this yourself)
NSObject <ASIProgressDelegate> *uploadProgressDelegate;
//Delegate for displaying download progress (usually an NSProgressIndicator, but you can supply a different object and handle this yourself)
NSObject <ASIProgressDelegate> *downloadProgressDelegate;
// Whether we've seen the headers of the response yet
BOOL haveExaminedHeaders;
//Data we receive will be stored here
NSMutableData *receivedData;
//Used for sending and receiving data
CFHTTPMessageRef request;
CFReadStreamRef readStream;
// Authentication currently being used for prompting and resuming
CFHTTPAuthenticationRef requestAuthentication;
NSMutableDictionary *requestCredentials;
// HTTP status code, eg: 200 = OK, 404 = Not found etc
int responseStatusCode;
//Size of the response
double contentLength;
//Size of the POST payload
double postLength;
//The total amount of downloaded data
double totalBytesRead;
//Last amount of data read (used for incrementing progress)
double lastBytesRead;
//Last amount of data sent (used for incrementing progress)
double lastBytesSent;
//Realm for authentication when credentials are required
NSString *authenticationRealm;
//This lock will block the request until the delegate supplies authentication info
NSConditionLock *authenticationLock;
//Called on the delegate when the request completes successfully
SEL didFinishSelector;
//Called on the delegate when the request fails
SEL didFailSelector;
#pragma mark init / dealloc
// Should be an HTTP or HTTPS url, may include username and password if appropriate
- (id)initWithURL:(NSURL *)newURL;
#pragma mark setup request
//Add a custom header to the request
- (void)addRequestHeader:(NSString *)header value:(NSString *)value;
//Add a POST variable to the request
- (void)setPostValue:(id)value forKey:(NSString *)key;
//Add the contents of a local file as a POST variable to the request
- (void)setFile:(NSString *)filePath forKey:(NSString *)key;
#pragma mark get information about this request
- (BOOL)isFinished; //Same thing, for NSOperationQueues to read
// Get total amount of data received so far for this request
- (double)totalBytesRead;
// Returns the contents of the result as an NSString (not appropriate for binary data!)
- (NSString *)dataString;
#pragma mark request logic
// Start loading the request
- (void)loadRequest;
// Cancel loading and clean up
- (void)cancelLoad;
#pragma mark upload/download progress
// Called on main thread to update progress delegates
- (void)updateProgressIndicators;
- (void)resetUploadProgress:(NSNumber *)max;
- (void)updateUploadProgress;
- (void)resetDownloadProgress:(NSNumber *)max;
- (void)updateDownloadProgress;
#pragma mark handling request complete / failure
// Called when a request completes successfully - defaults to: @selector(requestFinished:)
- (void)requestFinished;
// Called when a request fails - defaults to: @selector(requestFailed:)
- (void)failWithProblem:(NSString *)problem;
#pragma mark http authentication stuff
// Reads the response headers to find the content length, and returns true if the request needs a username and password (or if those supplied were incorrect)
- (BOOL)readResponseHeadersReturningAuthenticationFailure;
// Apply credentials to this request
- (BOOL)applyCredentials:(NSMutableDictionary *)newCredentials;
// Attempt to obtain credentials for this request from the URL, username and password or keychain
- (NSMutableDictionary *)findCredentials;
// Unlock (unpause) the request thread so it can resume the request
// Should be called by delegates when they have populated the authentication information after an authentication challenge
- (void)retryWithAuthentication;
// Apply authentication information and resume the request after an authentication challenge
- (void)attemptToApplyCredentialsAndResume;
// Customise or overidde this to have a generic error for authentication failure
- (NSError *)authenticationError;
#pragma mark stream status handlers
// CFnetwork event handlers
- (void)handleNetworkEvent:(CFStreamEventType)type;
- (void)handleBytesAvailable;
- (void)handleStreamComplete;
- (void)handleStreamError;
#pragma mark managing the session
+ (void)setSessionCredentials:(NSMutableDictionary *)newCredentials;
+ (void)setSessionAuthentication:(CFHTTPAuthenticationRef)newAuthentication;
#pragma mark keychain storage
// Save credentials for this request to the keychain
- (void)saveCredentialsToKeychain:(NSMutableDictionary *)newCredentials;
// Save creddentials to the keychain
+ (void)saveCredentials:(NSURLCredential *)credentials forHost:(NSString *)host port:(int)port protocol:(NSString *)protocol realm:(NSString *)realm;
// Return credentials from the keychain
+ (NSURLCredential *)savedCredentialsForHost:(NSString *)host port:(int)port protocol:(NSString *)protocol realm:(NSString *)realm;
// Remove credentials from the keychain
+ (void)removeCredentialsForHost:(NSString *)host port:(int)port protocol:(NSString *)protocol realm:(NSString *)realm;
@property (retain) NSString *username;
@property (retain) NSString *password;
@property (retain) NSString *domain;
@property (retain,readonly) NSURL *url;
@property (assign) id delegate;
@property (assign) NSObject *uploadProgressDelegate;
@property (assign) NSObject *downloadProgressDelegate;
@property (assign) BOOL useKeychainPersistance;
@property (assign) BOOL useSessionPersistance;
@property (retain) NSString *downloadDestinationPath;
@property (assign) SEL didFinishSelector;
@property (assign) SEL didFailSelector;
@property (retain,readonly) NSString *authenticationRealm;
@property (retain) NSError *error;
@property (assign,readonly) BOOL complete;
@property (retain) NSDictionary *responseHeaders;
@property (retain) NSDictionary *requestCredentials;
@property (assign) int responseStatusCode;
@property (retain) NSMutableData *receivedData;
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