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// ASIS3ListRequest.h
// Mac
// Created by Ben Copsey on 13/07/2009.
// Copyright 2009 All-Seeing Interactive. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "ASIS3Request.h"
@class ASIS3BucketObject;
@interface ASIS3ListRequest : ASIS3Request {
NSString *prefix;
NSString *marker;
int maxResultCount;
NSString *delimiter;
// Internally used while parsing the response
NSString *currentContent;
NSString *currentElement;
ASIS3BucketObject *currentObject;
NSMutableArray *objects;
// Options for filtering list requests
// See
NSString *listPrefix;
NSString *listMarker;
int listMaxResults;
NSString *listDelimiter;
// Create a list request
+ (id)listRequestWithBucket:(NSString *)bucket;
// Returns an array of ASIS3BucketObjects created from the XML response
- (NSArray *)bucketObjects;
//Builds a query string out of the list parameters we supplied
- (void)createQueryString;
@property (retain) NSString *prefix;
@property (retain) NSString *marker;
@property (assign) int maxResultCount;
@property (retain) NSString *delimiter;
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