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@@ -778,7 +778,6 @@ - (BOOL)readResponseHeadersReturningAuthenticationFailure
if ([charsetScanner scanUpToString: charsetSeparator intoString: NULL] && [charsetScanner scanLocation] < [contentType length])
- NSLog(@"%hi %hi",[charsetScanner scanLocation],[charsetSeparator length]);
[charsetScanner setScanLocation: [charsetScanner scanLocation] + [charsetSeparator length]];
[charsetScanner scanUpToString: @";" intoString: &IANAEncoding];
@@ -4,13 +4,14 @@ It is suitable performing basic HTTP requests and interacting with REST-based se
It provides:
* A straightforward interface for submitting data to and fetching data from webservers
-* Download data to memory or directly to a file on disk(i)
+* Download data to memory or directly to a file on disk
* The ability to submit files on local drives as part of POST data, compatible with the HTML file input mechanism
* Easy access to request and response HTTP headers
* Progress delegates (NSProgressIndicators and UIProgressViews) to show information about download AND upload progress
* Auto-magic management of upload and download progress indicators for operation queues
* Basic + Digest authentication support, credentials are automatically re-used for the duration of a session, and can be stored for later in the Keychain.
* Cookie support
+* GZIP support for response data
* Based on NSOperation to make queuing requests and background operation easy
* Basic unit tests (more to come!)

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