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I'm using a ASINetworkQueue to download several hundreds of files, using a couple of parallel threads.
If user cancel the transfer, I call cancellAllOperations.

This call takes a very long time on the real device.

( I've tryed both an old version and latest git tree, the behaviour is the same )

I could workaround / solve this problem with two lines of code in ASIHTTPRequest cancel.

here is the patch:

----------- CUT HERE ----
diff --git a/ASI_HTTP_Request/ASIHTTPRequest.m b/ASI_HTTP_Request/ASIHTTPRequest.m
index deff3a8..b056a5f 100644
--- a/ASI_HTTP_Request/ASIHTTPRequest.m
+++ b/ASI_HTTP_Request/ASIHTTPRequest.m
@@ -699,7 +699,9 @@ static NSOperationQueue *sharedQueue = nil;

  • (void)cancel
    • [self performSelector:@selector(cancelOnRequestThread) onThread:[[self class] threadForRequest:self] withObject:nil waitUntilDone:NO];
    • if (!cancelled) {
    •    [self performSelector:@selector(cancelOnRequestThread) onThread:[[self class] threadForRequest:self] withObject:nil waitUntilDone:NO];  
    • }
  • (void)clearDelegatesAndCancel
    ----------- CUT HERE ----

I've just avoided to call cancelOnRequestThread selector if current request is already cancelled.
Accessing directlry cancelled member should not pose a threading problem, the worst thing that can happen is an extra call to cancelOnRequestThread ( that would return imediately ).

With this change in place, cancelAllOperations is almost instantaneous, without it, it can take 40/50 seconds on the real device.

akisute commented Sep 29, 2011

I've met the same problem in my project, which requires 2000+ file downloads at a time (insane? yep). I tried to workaround this by not editing the ASIHTTPRequest itself but by subclassing it and override the cancel method like this:

// in subclasses...
- (void)cancel
    // Quite dirty way to get a cancel lock
    NSRecursiveLock *lock = [self valueForKey:@"cancelledLock"];
    NSAssert(lock, @"lock must be aquired");
    [lock lock];
    BOOL isExecuting = self.isExecuting;
    if (!isExecuting) {
        // Cancel the request without using the requested thread.
        // since the request is not running, we don't have to use the main thread, which could be blocked by thousands of request objects
        [self performSelector:@selector(cancelOnRequestThread)];
        [lock unlock];
    // Cancel ordinarily because the request is still alive
    [lock unlock];
    [super cancel];

The result wasn't as good as the stefanop says. I haven't tried his way yet but if it works we might want to apply his patch.

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