Encapsulate private ivars in class extensions #196

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It would be nice if ASI encapsulated all its private ivars in (.m) class extensions, but I realize that this is a very recent, and you need to maintain backwards compatibility.

Not sure if this only requires the developers to use a recent compiler XCode 4, or the platform to have a recent runtime

See WWDC 2010 Videos, Session 144 Advanced Objective-C And Garbage Collection Techniques at about 6:30/

Feel free to close this bug if it would break compatibility.


This applies to internal methods for example, in ASINetworkQueue.h line 81

// Used internally to manage HEAD requests when showAccurateProgress is YES, do not use!
- (void)addHEADOperation:(NSOperation *)operation;

That could be moved to a class extension in the .m right?

0xced commented May 27, 2011

This would indeed break backward compatibility (legacy runtime on 32-bit Mac OS). See also pull request 163.

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