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App rejected due to private API usage. #309

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I just had an app rejected by Apple because of private API usage.

We found the following non-public API/s in your app:


The ASIHTTPRequest object has a @property (retain) NSString *userAgent;. The compiler and @synthesize userAgent; are creating the - (void) setUserAgent:(NSString *)userAgent; method that Apple is complaining about.

I suggest changing the name of this property to something else.

Also, this was an iOS 5 only app. I'm not sure when Apple started marking setUserAgent: as a private API.

@erikchen erikchen was assigned

#310 should fix your problem.
Please update your local version of asi-http and see if your problem is fixed.

@skabber skabber pushed a commit to skabber/asi-http-request that referenced this issue
@jaygraves jaygraves Fix the userAgent test case. 6ce86c3
@joewhaley joewhaley pushed a commit to joewhaley/asi-http-request that referenced this issue
@jaygraves jaygraves Fix the userAgent test case. 29f41c7
@MigrantP MigrantP pushed a commit to MindSea/asi-http-request that referenced this issue
@erikchen erikchen Rename userAgent -> userAgentString
Apparently Apple doesn't like it when asi-http synthesizes userAgent.

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