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pellet commented Mar 24, 2011

This is handy for writing a program which uses multiple requests to download a file or for previewing data.
I made this change a while ago but was still new to github so I didn't realise I had to make a pull request. If you'd prefer I can make the pull request once I have merged the trunk back into my code.

pellet and others added some commits Nov 7, 2010

I've made changes to ASIHTTPRequest to enable the ability for downloa…
…ding sections of content data.

I've also added the option for a requestTimedOut delegate method.
Also added some extra values into the copy method.
finished moving section information into sectioninfo and renaming obj…
…ects into shorter versions, have not tested as of yet.
working on timeout test.
created selector to build http request arguments, should possibly add it into the asihttprequest library come to think of it ;)
now trying to intergrate more code into asihttprequest to accept the destination filename in a request header.
eggers eggers
Modified the readResponseHeaders selector to handle content dispositi…
…on header responses to parse them for a default filename.

Added the defaultFilename property.
VideoHog v0.1.5
-Fixed bug of not being able to authenticate with HTTPS servers when the authorization details aren't already in the keychain.
-Fixed settings which are saved for threads/sectionsize.
Got the asihttprequest framework to compile as a dll and had it linking :)
As for if it works or not that's another thing.
work progressing on trying to get it to compile for windows, cfauth n…
…eeds to be rewritten i think, ive set this as a low priority to be looked at in the future after mac release.
HUGE change set, happy to say i removed a ton of leaks
Also redesigned the sectionqueue to add asihttprequests to the nsoperationqueue instead of sections - this so that the memory could be released correctly, since sections had to hang around after the nsoperation had completed.
Removed the unnecessary didtimeout selector, I will handle timeouts b…
…y setting max timeouts to 1 and handling timeouts manually.
git checkout master on asi-http-request
then made GHUnit into a submodule yey
added git source files for the in app icons
removed some redundant files.
renamed videohog project to videohog-macosx
deleted old videohog-ios project to make way for new version
The changes I made were apparently on '(no branch)' so I had to merge…
… them back in...

Merge commit '13c46ff'

this cfretain/cfrelease block was created because invalid access was …
…occuring after a request was released due to a timeout.

the invalid access was occuring inside this code, within the markasfinished function.
removed the retain release calls i added since they did not seem to h…
…elp, the error was bypassed for the time being by immediately canceling the request once the requestFailed delegate was called with the timeout error.

@pellet pellet closed this Jul 17, 2015

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