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A game about catching Pokémon, defeating gym leaders, and watching numbers get bigger.

NOTE: PokéClicker is still in development!

You can try out the current state at

You can reach out on discord to discuss your ideas and how to implement them:

Developer instructions


  • Make sure the build script is a success. We won't test Pull Requests that fail the building script.
  • We won't accept balance Pull Requests, unless it's from a developer or Code Contributor (discord roles).
  • Pull Requests adding new translatable content should link to a Pull Request in the translation repo adding your new strings. See the Developer instructions on that repo for more info.
  • Split Pull Requests into smaller Pull Requests when possible. It will make it easier for us to review, and easier for you if something's needs to be changed or is rejected.

Editor/IDE setup

We have an EditorConfig and linting configured, to help everyone write similar code. You will find our recommended plugins for VSCode below, however you should be able to find a plugin for other IDEs as well.

Building from Source

First make sure you have git and npm available as command-line utilities (so you should install Git and NodeJS if you don't have them already).

Open a command line interface in the directory that contains this README file, and use the following command to install PokéClicker's other dependencies locally:

npm run clean

Then finally, run the following command in the command line interface to start a browser running PokéClicker.

npm start

Changes to the sourcecode will automatically cause the browser to refresh. This means you don't need to compile TypeScript yourself. Gulp will do this for you 👍

Use Google cloud shell (alternative)

Google Cloud Shell

npm clean-install
npm start

Click the Web Preview Button and select port 3001 from the displayed menu. Cloud Shell opens the preview URL on its proxy service in a new browser window.

Deploying a new version to Github Pages

Before deploying, check that the game compiles and starts up without errors.

Then run the following:

npm run website

This will populate the /docs folder.

After this command completes you can now publish this to your GitHub pages branch using:

npm run publish

Which by default will push to the master branch