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Fork of with Pokemon speedrunning-related changes.
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Fork of Gambatte (authored by sinamas), with local changes for Pokémon Speedruns, as well as other speedrunning communities. Under GPLv2.

Below is a brief list of the major differences between Gambatte-Speedrun and the upstream version of Gambatte.

Emulation core

  • Original Game Boy games playable in Game Boy Color mode (emulated properly)
  • Super Game Boy emulation (to match the SGB2 platform/framerate)
  • Cycle-based RTC option (for "proper" RTC behavior when using speedups/pauses/savestates)
  • Other various emulation fixes, improvements, and configuration options

Speedrun features

  • Timing parity with official consoles (bootroms required; GBP/SGB2 hard reset fades emulated)
  • Emulator version and ROM info displayed in the title bar, and in on-screen display after hard resets
  • Disabling of undesired functionality for speedruns (e.g. cheats, turbo, framerate changes, etc.)

Software updates

  • Updated to build using Qt5 (instead of Qt4)
  • Buildable as a shared library, for programmatic use of the emulation core

Building from source

Distributable binaries can be built on Windows using MSYS2 and the qt5-static package, or on macOS using Homebrew and the qt package with its macdeployqt tool. See for detailed information on how to set up the build environment.

The amount of setup you need to do depends on what parts of the project you are planning to use.

Shared Library

If you only wish to build Gambatte-Speedrun's libgambatte shared library (for use in scripting, "botting", TASing, or other programming projects), and have the basic build environment set up, you can run the following from the project's root directory, regardless of platform:

$ sh scripts/

Gambatte-Speedrun (i.e. the full-blown emulator)

After completing all the Qt-specific build steps in, running the following in the project's root directory should build the "PSR" version of Gambatte-Speedrun:

$ sh scripts/

To instead build the "non-PSR" version, with additional selectable platforms (GB, GBC, GBA, SGB2), create gambatte_qt/src/platforms.pri with the following (before running

# platform support
# GBP is hardcoded


To be able to run the upstream hwtests suite on Gambatte-Speedrun, you must acquire the DMG and CGB bootroms. Name the DMG bootrom, the CGB bootrom bios.gbc, and move both into the test directory.

Run the following in a terminal from the project's root directory to assemble and run all hwtests:

$ (cd test && sh scripts/
$ sh scripts/

Note that the first line (with only needs to be run one time, or until the contents of the hwtests directory change.

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