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Flair HQ

How to setup your own dev environment

1. Create two subreddits for testing

You don't want to do testing on production so the we suggest you create 2 subreddits for testing purposes. Start here. You can choose any names for it (such as yourUsername and yourUsername1). Once you have the subreddits created, create another reddit account.
Your first account will automatically get mod permission on both subreddits and the other one you can use to testing from end user point of view.

2. Install prerequisites

Make sure you have Node.js (some helpful guides here) and MongoDB (check it here) installed. Node.js 6.0.0 or greater is required. Install git.

3. Prepare the application folder

Clone the repository using git clone Navigate into the directory flairhq and run npm install to install the dependencies. After all of them are installed you can start preparing your local configuration.
Copy config/local.example.js to config/local.js. You'll use it in next steps.

4. Create a reddit app

Go to the site If this is your first reddit application, scroll down and click Are you a developer? Create an app button.
Choose 'web app' as a type of your application. Set redirect uri to (this is temporary link which will be needed in next step). Fill in 'name'. Other fields are optional.
Copy the Client ID and Secret (as per screenshot below) to config/local.js. Do not close the tab.


5. Generate refresh token for a moderator account

Make sure to use the account with mod permissions in this step.
Install reddit-oauth-helper to get a refresh token for a moderator on the subs. Use the scope: flair modcontributors modflair modposts privatemessages read wikiedit wikiread. Remember to choose permanent token.
If you use web interface you should click Allow while redirected to reddit
After that the current tab will be closed and you'll see your tokens at the bottom of the tool as shown on the screenshot. Copy your refresh token to config/local.js. In case any issues, try different browser.


6. Change subreddits names

In your application folder change all occurences of pokemontrades and SVExchange to the names of your testing subreddits. On Linux you can use:

find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/pokemontrades/firstsubname/g" {} \;
find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/PokemonTrades/FIRSTSUBNAME/g" {} \;
find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/svexchange/secondsubname/g" {} \;
find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/SVExchange/SECONDSUBNAME/g" {} \;

Before commiting you can revert the changes using (if you use username and username1 as sub names make sure to reverse the order of commands so username is not overwritten):

find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/secondsubname/svexchange/g" {} \;
find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/SECONDSUBNAME/SVExchange/g" {} \;
find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/firstsubname/pokemontrades/g" {} \;
find . -type f ! -path "./node_modules/*" ! -path "./.git/*" -exec sed -i "s/FIRSTSUBNAME/PokemonTrades/g" {} \;

7. Start the application

Before you can start you'll have to go to your reddit app settings and change redirect uri to http://localhost:1337/auth/reddit/callback. Then you can start MongoDB (check here) and start sails with npm start.
Open http://localhost:1337 in your browser. You should see the starting page. Once you sign in as mod you can also add flair schema to both of your subreddits.

🎉Have fun with coding FlairHQ!🎉

If you're not sure where to start, check current issues. Choose one, write a fix and make a pull request. Feel free to ask if you're not sure about anything.

Troubleshooting dev environment installation

How I can check if MongoDB started correctly?

Check for 'waiting for connections' message as below: dev-setup-4

How can I know that FlairHQ app started correctly?

Check for the message 'Waiting' after 'watch' task is started: dev-setup-5


A small project to allow easy adding of flair applications for subreddits (focusing initially on /r/pokemontrades) and easy moderation for moderators.







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