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Documentation for the PokeNav Discord Bot
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PokeNav Documentation

This repository contains documentation for the PokeNav discord bot.


You will need to have a functional python development environment in order to properly test your documentation changes locally. Alternatively, for small changes you can fork the project and change in your master branch and create a PR request.

To setup a local environment, setup / install python3+ and then:

virtualenv env -p python3

source env/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

make livehtml

You can then edit your source and changes will be reflected locally.


Contributions are open to anyone, if you would like to fix a typo or make a small change, feel free to make a Pull Request and mention why you are making the changes in the PR description.

For larger changes or if you are interested in contributing a longer form guide, open up an issue so we can discuss the guide, what you want to do before you invest a substantial amount of time.


Documentation for PokeNav is released into public domain. You may modify or share the documentation in any manner you choose. Attribution is not required. For additional details, see LICENSE.

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