Helps you download a range of numbered files from a URL.
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Helps you download a range of numbered files from a URL.

For example, running the following command 'http://host/filename-[01-10].jpg'

produces the following output that can be piped to a shell to perform the actual download.

curl http://host/filename-01.jpg > filename-01.jpg
curl http://host/filename-02.jpg > filename-02.jpg
curl http://host/filename-03.jpg > filename-03.jpg
curl http://host/filename-04.jpg > filename-04.jpg
curl http://host/filename-05.jpg > filename-05.jpg
curl http://host/filename-06.jpg > filename-06.jpg
curl http://host/filename-07.jpg > filename-07.jpg
curl http://host/filename-08.jpg > filename-08.jpg
curl http://host/filename-09.jpg > filename-09.jpg
curl http://host/filename-10.jpg > filename-10.jpg

This is identical to calling curl directly with the same pattern. You'll find this tool useful if you want to post-process the generated commands. For example, you could split the output into multiple scripts to easily download the files in parallel.