A build tool that uses Docker for Continous Delivery
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Totally gives you a continuous delivery workflow for Docker.

It's opinionated software

  • Software that is continuously delivered is of higher quality.
  • Rapid feedback of your changes is paramount.
  • Repeatable deployments to all environments builds confidence.
  • You're not done till your users have seen your work.
  • Developing several modular microservices is superior to building a monolith.
  • Rapid change is to be embraced.

It targets applications that will be delivered as Docker images. So it's suited to developing server side software - such as web applications, microservices, etc.

A tour of the workflow

Say you work for a forward thinking Decoupled Inc., and you've decided to write a new microservice to calculate the price of your widgets. The first thing you would do is create a new cookie-cutter project and get it deployed to a staging environment that is accessible to the consumers of its API.

$ totally new decoupled/microservice whats-the-price
$ cd whats-the-price
$ totally run
Running at http://whats-the-price.staging/

That would create a new project using your company's microservice template, and get it running in a staging environment - in no more than 30 seconds.

And then you would lean over your cubicle wall, and say:

You: Hey Bob, you know you were asking me how to work out the price of widgets? Go check out this API I built for you at http://whats-the-price.staging/

Bob: Ummm... So like you said earlier, I should be able to query something like http://whats-the-price.staging/price?product=superior&quantity=64?

You: Yeah, give me a minute, I'll add that in.

And then you open up the right file, and add an HTTP GET route for /price, returning a fixed price of $64, and then:

$ totally run
Running at http://whats-the-price.staging/

You: Try now Bob.

Bob: Yes, that works for me. Can it handle a 20% discount for my big customer with say code=BIG?

You: Give me a minute.

So you get the picture. Totally does the plumbing using Docker to support a rapid development workflow where you want to get your work running in a production like environment rapidly.


A host running Docker that you can ssh to without having to type in a password (with your key set up). Totally will ssh to the box, and expect to be able to connect to Docker on it.

echo DOCKER_SSH_HOST=my-super-docker-fragalistic > ~/.totally

If you want to specify ssh ports, users, keys, etc., do it in your ~/.ssh/config file. Here's how I connect to my CoreOS Vagrant VM on my laptop:

Host my-super-docker-fragalistic
	User core
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/coreos_insecure_ssh_key


On Mac OS X

brew tap pokle/docker
brew install totally	

On other Unix like systems, you need to simply install the totally script in somewhere in your $PATH such as /usr/local/bin


Please fork the project, have a play with your changes, and get in touch with me, or send me a pull request! Easy.

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